Make WFH meetings look professional with the Pictar Home Office Kit, for $89

Your Zoom meetings will get an instant upgrade.


Thanks to the pandemic, lots of us have been working from home. It's the new normal. It's not always easy, especially if your job entails a lot of meetings. 42% of the US labor force works from home. Let's face it, we may be working this way for a while. But now you can impress your colleagues with the Pictar Home Office Kit. It's the best way to show off your professionalism while not working in an office setting. It's on sale for 35% off at $89.99. Keep reading to find out about all the great features.

This home office kit includes a click-on wide-angle lens, professional lighting, and a flexible tripod. The wide-angle smart lens doubles the angle of the camera view, so you can be sure that you fit into the scene without getting cut off. It also expands the optical angle of any lens installed on your smartphone. Download the Pictar app to enable easy lens adjustments, use 20 shooting modes, and other smart features.

The Splat 3N1 tripod can adjust to any surface and hold action cameras, standard cameras, and smartphones in a lot of positions. It has five flexible and durable legs that can be customized to your choosing. You can fold it onto your camera in several ways and secure it with a tight and protective grip so it won't fall off.

Lighting is everything. With this kit, you'll be able to achieve professional lighting thanks to this smart light. This compact LED lamp is appropriate for both a camera or your phone. It will also improve the quality and character of photos as well as video clips. On a full charge, it runs for up to two hours (especially ideal for those long meetings).

Whether you need it for work or class, this handy kit will help you out every day. It's originally priced at $139, but is on sale for only $89.99.