Snag this nifty wireless keychain charger for Apple Watch for nearly 60% off

Take this charger with you anywhere you please.


Charging up your Apple Watch just became a lot easier! This wireless charger for Apple Watch the perfect size to slip into your wallet or pocket for on-the-go charging. Grab this charger while it's still on sale for 59% off.

Toting around a bunch of cords or bulky chargers is less than ideal. That's why this wireless charger for your Apple Watch is such a clever idea. It can hook onto anything including your keychain, belt loop, purse, and more.

The way this little gadget works is, it replaces the typical charging cable and instead, uses a microcomputer electronic system to wirelessly charge the touch-sensitive Apple Watch by placing the watch on a black magnetic charger. The strong magnetic adsorption allows you to adjust the angle freely. Plus, it can charge all iWatch series.

This charger has four LED lights that indicate the charging status so you'll be able to tell when it's all set to use again. Also, the smart keychain can be charged while charging your watch. It even has safety protection against overheating, over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuiting.

With this portable charger, you'll never have to worry about your Apple Watch running out of juice. Especially if your smartphone dies, at least you will have a backup! One customer says, "This was a great idea to attach to my purse and be able to charge my Apple Watch on the go! When at home, it becomes another area to charge my watch! Love it!"

Make sure to get this wireless charger for your Apple Watch while it's still on sale for $19.99 today.

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