This 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle is on sale for 97% off

Become a well-versed data analyst by taking this 90-hour course.


The Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle is the most up to date e-learning course on Excel and BI. If you're looking to jumpstart your career in the data analyst field, then this program is for you. Originally priced at $2376, this bundle is currently on sale for 97% off (at a low price of $69.99). Read on to see how this 24-course bundle can benefit you.

First, you'll start with learning how to build professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up as well as design implement the same BI tools used by professionals. Then you'll dive into Project Finance Ninja which is aimed at students and professionals pursuing careers in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, and equity research. You'll also learn about Power Query and how it teaches you to import, merge, shape, and clean data.

This bundle also offers pointers about how to create interactive dashboards and reports, visuals and charts, and understanding business intelligence workflow. You'll learn all the powerful features and applications you'll eventually use in the real world. After that, you'll dive right into tableau training. The lessons go over working with different file formats, understanding complex business problems, learning dashboard functionalities like Actions, Navigation, and Parameters, and much more.

Since Excel is a requirement for so many jobs, you must know how to utilize it to the fullest. If employers see that you put "proficient in Microsoft Excel" on your resume, it may catch their eye. You'll never know what basic, intermediate, or advanced Excel skills will be needed in your future job position. Taking this course will help you learn the necessary skills in the business world. Some of these courses will use multiple mini-projects to teach you how to work with many Excel techniques to prepare your sales reports and perform analytics. Not too familiar with DAX? That's OK. You'll learn how to master DAX from scratch as the DAX-targeted course teaches you how the DAX engine functions.

With this hefty bundle, you'll learn all you need to know starting from the basics and moving up to the advanced stages. Plus, you'll have lifetime access so you can go back and re-teach yourself or brush up on parts you had difficulties with whenever is convenient for you. Take advantage of this bundle while it's still on sale for $69.99.