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So, you want to grow your website and increase its traffic? Taking The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle will certainly help you out in that arena. In these 5 classes, you'll gain a better understanding of how to utilize important tools to help measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns, make smarter decisions for your business, and gain vital insights from data. This bundle is on sale for only $28.90 with coupon code SAVE15NOV--a steal for such a powerful tool.

You'll start out by creating a Google Analytics account, loading demo data from a real online store, adding filters to remove internal traffic, and analyzing real-time, audience, acquisition, and behavior reports. All of this will prepare you to use this tool for your own website in the future.

Another important step you'll learn is marketing analytics in Google Data Studio. You'll learn tools such as important reporting concepts, getting to know your audience, monitoring your website's performance, and understanding SEO and Google Analytics tools.

Learning how Google Analytics works is vital if you have a content or e-commerce website. You want your site to appeal to customers as much as possible. Using this tool will help you make better decisions for your website and in turn, direct more traffic to your page. One of many benefits to Google Analytics is understanding your "bounce rate." You don't want people coming to your site and leaving without taking action or making a purchase. To prevent this, you can create a detailed, customized report to find ways to reduce your bounce rate.

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