Looking Back

Looking Back for Aug. 19, 2020

Downtown Malta looking at the Malta Hotel, 1903. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Downtown Malta looking at the Malta Hotel, 1903. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

Did you miss seeing the world famed handcuff king Houdini, in his latest photoplay success, “Terror Island,” at the Princess playhouse yesterday. It’s being offered at the Princess playhouse tonight for the last time.

Last night about six o’clock the people of the business section were very much surprised to see a girl come riding horseback down the Lincoln Highway dressed like Jesse James in his prime. The girl looked to be about 12 or 13 years old and when asked where she was from replied Vermont and that she was on her way to California. The biggest surprise to the crowd who gathered was the fact that she was 22 instead of being just a “kid”. She stopped for about 15 minutes and then continued on her way west.

Rapid progress is being made on the addition to the county sanitarium and at the present time the south wing of the structure is well under way and the superstructure is over half up.

Has DeKalb a gentleman burglar who has selected one house, that at 435 College Avenue as a most likely place to secure valuable loot? This is the third or fourth time that residents of this house have been molested by burglars.

WANTED – Young man to learn the 5 and 10 cent business. Good opportunity for advancement to the right party. Apply at F. W. Woolworth Co.

The Boy Scouts organization had its regular meeting last night at the high school with about 35 of the boys being present. Plans were laid for the hike which the boys are going to take tomorrow. They intend to leave the high school and hike north for about five miles.

Complaints are coming into the police station in the vicinity of Fourteenth Street insulting the women of that end of the city every time they pass them. The police have been notified and if caught the parents of the children are going to get in bad for not watching them closer.

Miss Lillie Johnson, who was kidnapped and carried away by several men in an automobile Saturday night, is slowly getting to be herself after the terrible shock which she experienced that evening. When the girl was found by her parents a handkerchief was tied around her neck and she was nearly choked.

A new oasis for the thirsty men of the city was opened late Saturday afternoon when J. Ed. Johnson opened his new near-bar place where he used to have his saloon on North Third Street.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

Appeals are being made for DeKalb community women to assist in the pack of corn at the DeKalb plant.

MY PURSE – Which was lost last Saturday with sum of money has been returned to me. I am grateful. Mrs. Walsberg.

Quiet settled over this city today and all that remained of last evening’s Victory Celebration was debris along the main street. From shortly after 6 o’clock, when the fire whistle signaled that the Japs had accepted the peace terms, the business area was a beehive of activity. With horns blaring, cow bells ringing, noisemakers of all types sounding, and with the occupants of the cars cheering lustily, the crowd grew by the minute and within an hour after the announcement was received the impromptu celebration was in full swing. There was joy and thanksgiving in the hearts of all.

Announcement has been made that the swimming pool at the Sycamore Community Park has been given a Double A rating by the state following an inspection made recently. This rating means that the pool is in top shape and that it is perfectly safe for the swimmers. The pool is cleaned thoroughly each day and is kept in top condition at all times.

Condition of Martha Suknaich of 1115 Oak Street, who was injured when she fell from a car during the Victory celebration, was reported as being some better this morning and she is resting much easier. Martha was riding on the running board of a car and fell to the pavement near the intersection of the Lincoln Highway and First Street. She suffered a head injury in the fall and may have a slight skull fracture.

All four grade school playgrounds have literally become beehives of activity with model airplanes and gliders buzzing around all over the grounds and in the buildings. The reason for this is the contest scheduled for Sunday. Members of the Cloud Dusters will be on hand to aid the contestants with the balancing and adjusting of their flying models as well as to offer suggestions.

Delivery of mail was resumed this morning after the two-day holiday for the postal employees.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

Don’t let your children read this and become disenchanted with their television heroes but Davey Crockett was arrested last night in DeKalb. When asked his name, the answer was met with disbelief by the arresting officer, but identification proved him to be David W. Crockett.

Nine persons arrested during May disturbances on the NIU campus had their cases dismissed yesterday and early today on a motion by the States Attorney’s office. Two cases were dismissed on Monday, bringing the total number to 11 cases dropped this week. A total of 178 individuals have been arrested during the May disturbances and most are charged on minor charges of disorderly conduct and mob action. The States Attorney’s office is currently reviewing the charges against students and deciding whether to proceed with prosecution.

An alert police officer yesterday spotted suspicious behavior by a youth in a field alongside the uncompleted Annie Glidden Road south extension and upon investigation further found marijuana being processed in a nearby shed. Officers found a green shed behind a clump of bushes east of the road which was being used to cure and process marijuana plants.

The culmination of 12 years of hoping and planning was reached this week when the doors to the new Kishwaukee Family YMCA opened.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

The City of DeKalb will likely preserve stone curbs along brick paved South Second Street, despite receiving only one bid which was substantially over budget. The question of whether to repair the stone curbs or install standard concrete curb and gutter has created heated debate between those who want to preserve the historic look of the area and those who just want the street repaired.

While the real proof of their training may come in saving lives and putting out fires, a group of DeKalb firefighters is putting its skills to the test against peers from across the country. The group is making the most of down time at the station, sharpening their professional skills while training for the Firefighter Combat Challenge. Five DeKalb firefighters qualified for the final round of national competition last week with a first-place win at the Challenge’s Wisconsin open.

Two local men, Kirk Modglin and Clint Beach, have made the Civil War an integral part of their lives. They are cannoneers in Battery G of the 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, a Civil War reenactment group. Modglin and Beach spend many of their weekends, along with at least 60 others, bringing to life the camps and battles of the Civil War for the enjoyment and education of the spectators, and also for themselves.

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