Winners named in 4-H General Project Show

While 2020 and COVID-19 have challenged youth in the DeKalb County 4-H program, the 4-H staff and volunteers have continued to encourage members to complete their 4-H projects and prepare them for exhibit.

In a typical year, 4-H members would demonstrate their knowledge at in-person summer shows and fairs. This year, members transitioned to an online virtual show. 4-H members submitted a slide show or photos of their completed projects as well as a written project report. The judges reviewed the photos and reports virtually and assigned each project a ribbon and provided comments.

Seventy-one 4-H members participated in the virtual general projects show and they exhibited a total of 135 projects. Judges also selected projects to receive special recognition such as plaques, gifts and rosette ribbons. The projects selected to represent DeKalb County at the State Fair will be judged in August using the same online format. To view the award winning projects go to:

Following are the 2020 General Project Show results:

Consumer Ed State Fair Delegate: Hailey Ruhl

Interior Design State Fair Delegates: Danica Ward and Jelina Martinez

Interior Design State Fair Alternate: Alexandra Lopez

Family Heritage State Fair Delegate: Lillian Kushnik

Family Heritage State Fair Alternate: Hailey Ruhl

Small Engines State Fair Delegate: Fredrick Nickels

Tractors State Fair Delegate: Fredrick Nickels

Floriculture State Fair Delegates: Lewis Anderson and Charles Anderson

Floriculture State Fair Alternate: Jelina Martinez

Vegetable Gardening State Fair Delegates: Lewis Anderson and Charles Anderson

Natural Resources State Fair Delegates: Lane Schumacher and Max Lo

Best Environment plaque: Max Lo

Foods & Nutrition State Fair Delegates: Shelby Johnsen, John Riley, Brett Helgeson and Mackenzie Condon

Foods & Nutrition State Fair Alternates: Ava Frances and Caleb Fugman

Top 15% Cooking 101 Awards: Devin Condon, Brady Condon, Morgan Davis and Brianna Perry

Health State Fair Delegates: Emily Minerva Gonzalez-Fernandez, Felipe Hernandez and Jesus Eduardo Bonilla

Health State Fair Alternate: Emma Heinisch

Visual Arts State Fair Delegates: Lane Schumacher, Ava Frances, Holly Helgeson, Hailey Ruhl, Lindsey Nichols, Mackenzie Condon, Fiona Holtz, Lindsey Nichols, Jelina Martinez, Rachel Linskey and Ella Seebach

Visual Arts State Fair Alternates: Hudson Schumacher, Sienna Seebach, Natalia Serpico, Devin Condon, Vivian Novak and Madelynn Swanson

Best Food Decorating plaque: Mackenzie Condon

Best Non Original C/C/P Project: Rachel Linskey

Best Non Original Glass/Plastic Project: Mackenzie Condon

Best Non Original Paper Project: Madelynn Swanson

Best 9 & Under Original C/C/P Project: Lucy Riley

Best 9 & Under Food Decorating: Lucy Riley

Best 9 & Under Clay Project: Magnolia Kushnick

Best 9 & Under Fiber Project: Fiona Holtz

Shopping in Style State Fair Delegate: Ella Kushnick

Clothing & Textiles State Fair Delegates: Fiona Holtz, Megan Bott and Catherine Bott

Best Beginning STEAM Clothing 1 Project (Eleanor Fewell Memorial Award): Fiona Holtz

Best Overall Clothing and Textile Award: Megan Bott

Animal Science State Fair Delegates: Julia Peska and Alana Fix

Animal Science State Fair Alternates: Lillian Kushnick and Kyle Gutknecht-Sabin

Vet Science State Fair Delegate: Lillian Kushnick

Best Animal or Vet Science plaque: Julia Peska

Best Exploratory Project: Hudson Schumacher

Leadership State Fair Delegate: Lillian Hetland

Leadership State Fair Alternate: Anna Ofelia Cuevas

Best Career & Leadership Project Plaque: Lillian Hetland

Woodworking State Fair Delegates: Lane Schumacher and Sawyer Davis

Woodworking State Fair Alternates: Jackson Torman and Devin Condon

Best Overall Woodworking Project plaque: Sawyer Davis

Photography State Fair Delegates: Bailey Quincer, Ella Seebach and Hannah Treme

Photography State Fair Alternates: Reagan Vander Bleek, Rachel Linskey and Rachel Linskey

Best Creative Arts Photography Project plaque: Hannah Treme

To learn more about the DeKalb County 4-H Program, contact the Extension Office at 815-758-8194 or visit

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