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Looking Back for Aug. 5, 2020

DeKalb Hotel looking west along the Chicago & North Western railroad tracks, 1899. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
DeKalb Hotel looking west along the Chicago & North Western railroad tracks, 1899. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

Secondhand Cars

Ford Touring – $225

Oakland, 6-Cylinder – $650

Studebaker 4 – $600

Studebaker 6 – $750

All cars repainted and overhauled

Quinn’s Garage

Opie Read, well-known novelist and journalist, on the fourth night of the Red Path Chautauqua here, will give his new lecture, “Human Nature and Politics,” an address composed for the most part of experience stories that have never been printed and never told before on the platform.

LOST – On South First Street about three days ago, a sack of barley. Finder please return to Lon Smith’s meat market.

Quite a bit of attention was drawn to the express office at the local depot last evening because of a pony that was shipped by the Mart and Brock Circus Company. The pony was about eight years old but did not weigh over 200 pounds so could be shipped as express. He was no larger than a good sized dog and the tricks he was put through was as good as any show ever seen. He was shipped on the Sterling passenger.

A local man Ray Huey reported to the police station last night that his car had been stolen about 9:45 o’clock. The police immediately started looking for it but were unable to find it. They had no more than decided that the thieves had left town when Mr. Huey came in and said he had found it. It finally turned out that he had forgotten where he had left it and while looking for the alleged thieves, he stumbled on it.

Chronicle want ads bring results. To advertise a store property is to get it to the attention of the man who might otherwise never have known about it at all.

Did you ever hear of a horse getting jealous? Neither did Floyd Yocum but he certainly is a strong believer of the fact since he was kicked by one yesterday. He was getting ready to hitch the horses to the sprinkler and had taken one of the horses out of the stall ahead of the other. When he came back for the other one he turned his back. As he did so the horse let him have a jolt that sent him for about 15 feet. He was not cut very badly but the injury is very painful.

The owner of the herd of cattle that was taken to the police station on a charge of having trampled the garden of O. S. Greenwood is Albert Ashelford and he was brought into the local police station yesterday afternoon and assessed a fine for allowing his cattle to run loose.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

Floyd Butler, while at the Skorberg farm south of town the latter part of the week, suffered a weed poisoning on both arms that is causing him no end of inconvenience. It is understood that it is not poison ivy, by some other weed that has caused the infection on the arms.

Thistles cut on next Tuesday, Aug. 7, will die and will not grow again according to George Miller who also pointed out that the cutting must be on this one day. On Tuesday the moon is in conjunction with the sun according to the sign of Leo and if thistles or some of the other growths are cut at that time they will die and will not grow again.

A group of workers employed by the California Packing firm south of DeKalb yesterday noted a strange appearing plane flying over and none seemed able to identify it. Pictures in a Chicago paper showed an American crew posing beside a captured German Junkers plane and those in the group feel certain that this is the ship that passed over south of DeKalb yesterday.

In Friday evening’s paper the dry groceries price list for Group One and Two stores will be published. Use of this list will permit the housewives to know the correct ceiling prices in stores doing less than $250,000 business per year. Housewives are urged to clip the list and post it on their pantry doors or some other common place where they may refer to it when making out their shopping lists.

In conformance with the government order that all guns which were sent or brought into this country by service men as souvenirs captured from the enemy, these guns are being registered at the DeKalb police station.

Those polio cases in Rockford are causing Sycamore people to use every precaution with their youngsters. Sycamore had its share of polio two years ago and doesn’t want it again.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

Aldermen gave City Manager Don Crawford authorization to construct an animal retention center. The animal center will be built behind the city fire station on South Seventh Street. The building will be air conditioned and will be kept at a constant temperature. It will also be built in such a way to eliminate the problem of noise and odor.

Becky Jensen entertained Friday evening at a slumber party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Jensen. At midnight the girls enjoyed lunch, eating by kerosene lamplight. Following a 10 o’clock breakfast the following morning, the girls departed for their respective homes.

Two things that the Richard Hall family of rural Sycamore learned by having an agricultural exchange student live in their home for the past two weeks is that Italian farms are not too different from Illinois farms and teenagers are the same all over the world. The Halls and their five children were host from July 16 until today to a participant in the 4-H Teen Caravan Program, Roberto Borghesan, 19.

Automobile traffic was slowed at the intersection of Highway 23 and Page Street last night when a boxcar ran off the end of a siding and onto the roadway. The car went off the track and was sitting on the edge of the highway.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

Northern Illinois University athletic department employees started painting a giant red paw print with the guide of a stencil Tuesday on the roadway next to Huskie Stadium. NIU Promotions Coordinator Tekla Martin got the idea from Clemson and Auburn universities and adapted the concept to fit NIU’s needs. The campus workers began the work Monday and will finish the project today.

Attention moms, dads, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Sign up your little crawler and toddler for the annual Corn Fest Diaper Derby-Toddler Trot held in connection with Corn Fest Races in the High School Gym on August 26, the second day of the three-day celebration.

GTE officials are notifying Genoa residents around a former manufacturing plant it owned that the groundwater in that area may be contaminated. The chemical trichloroethene apparently leaked from a 15-foot by 15-foot underground waste disposal vault, nine feet deep. The vault, made of reinforced concrete, was built in 1942 and used for the disposal of plating baths from 1942 through 1963.

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