Looking Back

Looking Back for July 15, 2020

The 1920 Northern Illinois State Normal School football team is pictured. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
The 1920 Northern Illinois State Normal School football team is pictured. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

Did you ever hear of a woodchuck chasing a man? One of the local fishermen had this experience when he was fishing last week. He was at Kingston fishing for bass, and being out in the stream most of the time had his boots on. All of a sudden he felt something snap at his boots. Looking down he saw the woodchuck and for a few seconds was so surprised he did not know what to do. Finally realizing what it was, he got a stick and managed to kill it. He says that it is the first time that he ever heard of a woodchuck trying to eat a man.

The members of the local police force are now starting on the vacation season. Desk Sergeant Concidine is the first one to depart and with his family has gone to one of the northern lakes. He will be gone a week and then the other members of the force will each take their time off in rotation.

One of these days the DeKalb-Sycamore street car is going to kill one of the children in the east end of the city. The kids in the east end of the city have a habit of standing out in the middle of the car tracks when they see the car coming and staying there until the car is nearly upon them, when they run away. If one of the kids should happen to slip he would surely be killed. The people in that end of the city have been notified about the doing of the children but they do not seem to do anything about regulating the habit.

LOST – Small light brown Pomeranian dog. Reward. E. P. Ellwood.

The plasterers are working today on the new rest room on North Third street, preparatory to the painting of the interior of the building which will be one next week. There is enough work to be done on the new room to keep the workmen busy for at least a week or more and it probably will be several weeks before the place will be ready for occupancy.

A teachers’ examination will be held at the High School building in Sycamore on July 22nd and 23rd at 8:30 o’clock a. m. The completion of two years of high school work or an equivalent preparation is required for admission to the examination.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

Another large turnout was had for the concert Tuesday evening at Huntley Park presented by the DeKalb Municipal Band under the direction of Dr. Frederic Toenniges. The weather was ideal and the audience was an enthusiastic one.

There were 534 using the facilities of the Hopkins Park pool on Sunday, one of the best days of the season to date. The largest number at the pool to date was June 24 when 764 were in. As yet there has been no prolonged hot spell to bring out large crowds.

PRINCE CASTLE ONE IN A MILLION – Malted milks are definitely something … cool and delicious.

Rooms at the Malta grade school are being painted in preparation for the opening of school on September 4. Teachers this next year will be: First and second grades, Mrs. Fay Simkins of DeKalb; third, fourth and fifth, Mrs. Warren Veale of Malta; sixth, seventh and eighth grades, Mrs. Wallace Parke of DeKalb.

Ann Wilson of 928 East Lincoln Highway had an expensive noon hour yesterday when she lost her purse containing about $90. The purse was lost somewhere near the DeKalb Trust and Savings Bank. Just how or where the money was lost is not known but she hopes that the finder will return it.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hagemeyer have had their front porch screened in.

DeKalb housewives are now finding another problem as they make their shopping tours as laundry soaps and flakes are among the “hard to find” items of the grocery store shelves. Although laundry soap is scarce there is sufficient toilet soap available and little Johnny will not be able to use the excuse that he is being patriotic by not washing behind his ears.

Cpl. Phillip Holderness, son of Mrs. Martha Holderness of 147 Evans Avenue, was one of the 142 survivors of an American Liberty ship which was torpedoed in the Indian Ocean but he was forced to spend seven days in a raft before being rescued. They were afloat under a blistering sun and seven freezing nights and were always at the mercy of a rough sea. Many suffered badly from constant immersion and exposure and as time lengthened with but little hope of rescue, water and reactions were reduced to a minimum.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

Northern Illinois University’s Board of Regents will get a $9,954.39 bill from the city of DeKalb as a result of five days of campus disturbances that occurred during the month of May. At its regular meeting last night, the City Council approved a resolution to submit the bill to the university to pay extra expenses incurred by the city as a result of the demonstrations that occurred on May 5, 6,18, 19, 20 and 21.

FOR SALE, GIANT 8’ STEEL ROBOT – Made from 50 different scrap parts with movable arm that could hold anything from a mailbox to a sign post. Move forces sale. Call 555-5555 after 5 p.m.

Opposition to the proposed elimination of railway passenger service through DeKalb by the Chicago and North Western Railroad was mounting today. Concern over dropping of the “Kate Shelley,” the last passenger train the railroad line provides for service through DeKalb, was being expressed by individuals and spokesmen for organizations this weekend.

Approximately 15 Sycamore boys set a goal of 36 hours for a basketball marathon at the Glen H. Johnston residence, 439 Washington Place. Eight boys, starting at Friday at 5 p.m., were still playing at the time The Chronicle went to press this morning.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

Two women and a man were arrested and charged Wednesday on prostitution and pandering charges following a month-long investigation by the Illinois State Police and local law enforcement officials. Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Jeff Hinchy and DeKalb Police Lt. James Kayes said the case started after NIU police received information from several residents about advertisements that appeared in two other DeKalb-based newspapers. Ads did not appear in the Daily Chronicle.

Admitting it was a foregone conclusion, members of the DeKalb County Emergency Telephone Services Board agreed this morning to start offering emergency 911 cellular telephone service.

Some residents may have a surprise waiting for them in today’s Daily Chronicle. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department is publishing the first of about 1,600 names of people who have outstanding arrest warrants against them. “There are warrants on file and as of Friday they are valid warrants and active,” Sheriff Roger Scott said. All the information listed is from the sheriff’s department. Scott said the warrants will include the person’s name and middle initial, date of birth and the warrant.

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