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Looking Back for July 8, 2020

Ellwood School in DeKalb, 1963 class, how many can you identify? Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Ellwood School in DeKalb, 1963 class, how many can you identify? Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

Work has been started on the bridge on the other side of Cortland at last and for the past few days the cement mixer has been at work trying to finish up the job. When it is opened there will be a straight cement road all of the way to Maple Park and from there to Aurora there is a good dirt road which will let the local tourist go to Aurora almost any time that they want to without having to worry about the roads.

The police force is on the lookout for all violators of the city ordinance in regard to posting bills on telephone or electric light poles. It is a dangerous thing for the trouble chasers of these companies as they have to climb the poles and if there are tacks in them they are apt to cause the climbers to slip.

The croquet grounds at the corner of Third and Locust streets is not being used as much this year according to Dr. R. P. Culver, president of the club. The grounds are in good condition and there should be a large number of men on the grounds all of the time after working hours. Last year there was a crowd most of the time and it may be that it will be the same later in the season.

Thousands of people were out to the celebrations at Electric Park on the 4th and all day long the throngs of people both in automobiles and in the street cars were on their way out there regardless of the looks of the weather. The dancing and the baseball game were by far the biggest attractions of the day and both of them were well attended. It was estimated that there was fully 4,000 people out at the park which is the largest that the place has had in some years.

The kids about the city who are interested in a good swimming hole are on their toes today and are feeling quite elated over the new plan that was decided in favor of the council at a special meeting called for last night. The swimming hole is the Normal pond and had been used for some time by the kids as a swimming hole. Now that there has been no rain for some time, the moving of the stream which feeds the pond is very slow and the idea in mind is to turn the water from one of the city mains out there into the drains and this in turn will feed the pond and freshen up the water.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

An unwelcome animal visitor appeared on the streets in DeKalb this morning between Third and Fourth streets, and no one seemed inclined to drive him back to the woods. Finally one of the city’s big he-men, George Ward, clipped the skunk over the nose, ending its life. Thus the odor that prevailed throughout the downtown area during the forenoon.

L.A. Rex, of Kingston, yesterday reported to the sheriff’s office in Sycamore he lost a number of chickens and investigation by Chief Deputy Art Anderson and Francis Sullivan of the sheriff’s office discloses a poison gas was used to keep the birds quiet. It is the belief of the county authorities that a gang of chicken thieves is at work and using poisonous gas to keep the birds quiet while they are being bagged. The deputies claim the skin of the chicken had turned green and the feathers were of a pronounced yellow cast.

The annual Nebraska Picnic is to be held on Sunday, July 15, at Kingston Park. Those who have lived in Nebraska are cordially invited to come and are asked to bring dishes, silver service, sandwiches and two dishes to pass, one of them being a hot dish.

With the early pea crop running much heavier than had been anticipated, the California Packing Corporation is in need of 30 or 40 more women workers to assist in caring for the pack. The early pea pack will run for several days yet and then the late peas will start without interruption. The pea pack will run another three weeks or so and more women are needed immediately.

In the Scout softball league on Monday night, Troop 28 downed Troop 33 by a score of 16 to 14 in the only game of the night. Troop Four Red and Troop 28 are tied for the lead with two victories and one defeat; Troop 25 is second with a one and one record and Troops 33 and Four White have won one and lost two.

The next important feature on the calendar of events of the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce, according to Roy Healy, secretary, is the initial meeting of the Kids Day Committee. In previous years, this affair has attracted many youngsters and the program that is being considered this year will be no exception.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

The American Oil Motor Club’s new travel routing center in DeKalb was formally dedicated Tuesday at a ceremony at which Mayor Jesse R. Chamberlain and other civic leaders officiated. The DeKalb routing center handles all mail requests from American Oil Company customers who write to ask for information and routes, road conditions, and points of interest prior to embarking on motor trips. Hundreds of thousands of such requests will be processed this year.

D.J. Stoneseifer, president of the Board, and Lyle L. Schule, executive vice-president, speaking for the DeKalb Savings and Loan Association, announced that effective immediately a new Time n’ Temperature service is available to telephone subscribers throughout this area. “By simply dialing 758-8646,” they said, “the correct time and temperature will be given within seconds, and of course, without charge.

City Manager Don Crawford said today the proposed discontinuance of passenger service through DeKalb by the Chicago and North Western Railroad will be discussed at Monday night’s City Council Meeting. Speaking as an individual, Crawford said he feels the railroad could improve its revenue intake by setting up a more realistic passenger schedule.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Police are trying to determine if a piece of plastic pipe found in a Kirkland-area mailbox Wednesday afternoon was a Fourth of July prank or a potential pipe bomb. The device was retrieved and brought to the public safety building in Sycamore, where it is isolated in a secured locker. County Chief Deputy Kevin Hickey said the device will remain isolated until it can be processed by a sheriff’s detective. “We hope to get some fingerprints,” he said.

Three men reportedly working for the carnival at the Kirkland Fourth of July celebration were arrested Wednesday for allegedly taking several baby wood ducks from their nest. Each was charged with unlawful taking migratory birds.

A new packaging machinery company has come to the former Del Monte plant on the southeast side of DeKalb. Algus Packaging Inc. has leased the vacant northern part of the old Del Monte complex and plans to purchase the property later this year. The company, which expects to begin operations this month, will specialize in plastic blister-pack machines and related products.

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