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Looking Back for May 6, 2020

McAuley student residence hall in DeKalb. Formerly St. Mary’s hospital, 1970. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
McAuley student residence hall in DeKalb. Formerly St. Mary’s hospital, 1970. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

Anybody caught shooting firearms in Annie’s Woods or anywhere else in the city limits is liable to feel the effects of the law’s penalty, which is a fine from $1 to $200.

The North Western railway has the greater part of the wrecking crew of the Galena division in this city at the present time engaged in one of the biggest undertakings ever attempted around here, the rebridging of the Kishwaukee, west of DeKalb.

DeKalb County is to have a visiting nurse to work in conjunction with the anti-tuberculosis movement. She will be engaged continually in a survey of the county to discover the tuberculosis cases and attend to their treatment and entrance, where possible, at the sanitarium.

Dr. J. Stanley Brown, president of the DeKalb County anti-tuberculosis league, says that at the present time there are 93 cases of tuberculosis in DeKalb County at the present time and a large number of suspect cases.

The sale of tickets for the first ball game that the city team will play, is going ahead in fine shape according to the manager who has charge of the sale of tickets. The game will be played May 9 at Pershing Park and will be with the Ashland team a member of the Chicago city league. The admission for the first game is $1. The reason being that the team wants to be on a good financial basis at the start of the season.

Work on the new building that is to be built by Sawyer & Sons was started today by the contractors Skoglund and Wedburg. The plans for the building have been drawn for some time past and the only thing that held up the work was the shortage of material due to the railroad strike and now that some of the material has arrived the work will go right ahead until finished.

On May 9, Electric Park will again open its doors to the dancers and those who care for amusement on Sunday, which the ordinance of this city does not allow. Robert Murphy is the man that has charge of the park and intends to have a place that will suit the most particular. He is trying to get a colored jazz orchestra and if he does he will promise the dancers plenty of pep to keep time to.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

ATTENTION MEN – AT present we have Covert work pants at only $1.59 pair. Duffey & Modeen Firestone Store, 240 E. Lincoln Hwy.

Pensions under the old age pension program for April were received by 496 persons in DeKalb County, this being two less than for the month of March.

Members of the elementary school board, District No. 51, yesterday announced the purchase of the Robinson property, adjoining the playground at the Central School on the east. This land will be cleaned up, fenced in and will provide a suitable playground for the kindergarten and primary pupils. The present playground facilities at the Central School have been inadequate for some time.

Hans Fritsche, Goebbels deputy propaganda chief, told Red Army troops who captured him that Hitler, Goebbels and General Kreb had killed themselves in the final hours of the battle of Berlin. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower said all evidence at hand indicated that Hitler had died of a brain hemorrhage. The German radio version of Hitler’s death was that he “fell” a hero directing the defense of Berlin.

Summer schedule for garbage and ash collections in DeKalb will start on Monday, May 7, in DeKalb with garbage to be collected twice a week and ashes and rubbish to be collected but once a week.

HAVE You tried our malted and sundaes? The Goal Post, 317 East Locust Street.

Police department report for the month of April, as prepared by Chief of Police Horace Fothergill shows thirteen arrested during the 30 day period. The arrests included ten on the “double-D” charge, drunk and disorderly, three on disorderly conduct, and one person was arrested for not having a driver’s license. Other activities of the department during the month included six autos stopped for defective lights, eleven complaints answered, two attempted burglaries, three stolen bicycles recovered, three minor auto accidents, nine funeral and three bank escorts, five fires attended and five dogs disposed of on the order of the department by the veterinarian.

An unidentified army plane flew over Sycamore Tuesday afternoon and frightened several people in the residential section because of his low altitude. The young man seemed to be master of the ship and flew at a terrific speed while low, causing persons to “duck” as he passed.

Announcement was made yesterday at the office of Mrs. Marjorie Leinauer, county superintendent of schools, that the program for the annual rural school commencement will be held Tuesday, May 29. The exercises will be held at the grade school gymnasium Ninth and Prospect Streets beginning at 8 o’clock.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

The Rollo 4-H Ag club met recently at the Charles Foster home. Foster and Dick Bend drove them east of Shabbona where they held their judging tour.

The Somonauk Board of Education met in regular session in the Somonauk High School. Albert H. Ramp, school architect, reported that the drawings for the new community auditorium-gymnasium were nearing completion and that by the first week of April they should be finished.

Property owners in one section of Sycamore will have to absorb the greatest increase in real estate taxes of any area in the county, according to the tax rates just computed by DeKalb County [Clerk]Ralph Joiner. According to Joiner, the tax rate in the section of the city of Sycamore which lies in Cortland Township will increase 12 percent.

The Tuttle Electric Division of Emmerson Products, Kirkland, is enlarging their plant by adding 30,000 square feet of floor space to the east side of the building. The new addition will be for manufacturing electrical heating units to be assembled, and a new automatic plating system will also be installed.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

DeKalb City Council turned down a developer’s request to rezone land east of the Dodge Addition from heavy industrial to residential use. Developer Harold Jerde had requested that land be rezoned as he planned to propose a 17-lot, single family and duplex residential subdivision east of the Dodge and Cotton Avenue area.

Players behind the power struggle in the Sandwich Community Hospital Association will see their day in court. The struggle, which has been a yearlong plus court battle, recently has resulted in changing of door locks, security guards in hospital hallways and the attempted firing of the company managing the hospital.

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