DeKalb County farmers markets, spring and early summer events up in the air due to COVID-19

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If it’s an event in May or early June, it’s probably been canceled or postponed by the novel coronavirus.

Organizers across the county are scrambling to figure out what to do with events in the face of the pandemic.

The Genoa farmers market, set to start in May, has already been pushed back to at least June. Genoa Chamber Executive Director Krissy Johnson said the fate of the June markets will be decided at a May 14 meeting.

“My guess, if I had to give you a guess, is it’s going to be canceled,” Johnson said. “But I can’t say for sure yes or no.”

The farmers market in DeKalb is slated to start the first week of June.

Matt Duffy, executive director for the DeKalb Chamber, said no decision has yet been made officially.

“We’re looking at pushing the start back,” Duffy said. “We’ve got to make sure the vendors have enough time to prepare. So there’s no official decision yet but it’s likely we’ll have to push it back because of the prep time that goes into it.”

DeKalb’s Memorial Day parade has also been canceled.

Dan Gallagher of the American Legion said there’s still plans to put flags on soldiers graves throughout DeKalb. He said he still expects the help of the Boys Scouts, but is checking with parents to make sure everything is OK.

“We’re going to reach out to the parents of the scouts to see if they want to do it or not,” Gallagher said. “We’ll drop the flags off at spots to limit contact. We used to have a big cookout and we won’t do that this year. We don’t want to do anything wrong that puts anyone’s life at risk.”

Duffy said the chamber’s June events are in a wait-and-see mode. Johnson said that’s also the case for a lot of Genoa events.

Although the Genoa Chamber just puts on one part of Genoa Days, Johnson said, she said for now the event is still on. She said the fire department, which puts on the event as its main fundraiser, has a contract with Skinner Amusement Co., which provides the carnival, that would be expensive to break.

“They’re waiting to see if there’s a governor’s order, or federal or count order, to make the decision to not hold the event,” Johnson said. “So it would be up to Skinner.”

Johnson said the March 23 Home and Business Expo has been pushed into October. She said the chamber is still hoping to put on its July 10 golf outing, the Cruise Into Genoa on Aug. 15, and the Great Genoa Duck Race on Sept. 13.

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