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Looking Back for April 8, 2020

Chicago Great Western railway depot at Clare, 1938. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Chicago Great Western railway depot at Clare, 1938. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

There is more whiskey in DeKalb today than there has been for some time. The express company received 115 cases and three barrels of good Kentucky whiskey that is being shipped through here. All of the men who have been wanting to see some whiskey since last July will now have their chance. The whiskey is being shipped to Milwaukee and will probably go out some time this evening.

Ernest G. Clark, head of the Clark Orchestra Roll Company, manufacturer of rolls for coin-operated instruments, was in town again today to see what progress the workmen are making on the new factory room in the old Superior plant which Mr. Clark has purchased. Mr. Clark says that he expects to get started about the first of May if the present satisfactory progress is kept up and he intends to have about 23 people employed at the start. Mr. Clark says that he will be glad when he is able to secure home and move to this city.

The American Steel & Wire Company has a new addition to the personnel of its hospital force in the form of Miss May Morrison, trained nurse. Miss Morrison comes to fill a position under what may be regarded as the industrial social welfare movement. She is a graduate of the Mercy Hospital of Chicago. The American Steel is putting these nurses in all of the cities where it has factories and they have proven of great assistance to the doctor in the care of the employees that are injured.

WANTED – A young man over 16 to learn the Drug business. A good opportunity for advancement and good pay while learning. Address Druggist care of Chronicle.

William Weeden lost a finger while at work at Kohler Die & Specialty Company this morning. He had just started to his work there this morning on a die machine. In some manner or other his left hand became caught in the machine and his first finger was cut off at the second joint. Though it was very painful, he stood the treatment without an anesthetic and was taken to his home this afternoon.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

DUE TO INABILITY – To secure sufficient ration points to serve meals, beginning April 2 the SNACK SHOP will serve only sandwiches and pie until further notice.

Arrangements were made some time ago by the Ministerial Alliance for holding a united service of thanksgiving and praise when the announcement has been received that hostilities have ceased in Europe. The services will be held at the First Lutheran Church and all ministers of the community have been invited to participate. Singing of hymns of praise and thanksgiving and prayers of gratitude for the ending of this one phase of the war will take place. The retailers also have a Victory Day schedule which will be followed by the closing of the stores.

Those attending the lecture last evening at the high school given by Dorothy Waring were high in their praises of the speaker who spoke on “Factual Performances of Nazi Spies in the U.S.,” a topic which all are interested in but know little about. The speaker was able to give first-hand information as she was an investigator of subversive activities for a former congressional committee and her work as a secret agent brought her into contact with most of the infamous and dangerous Nazi spies.

Chief of Police Horace Fothergill stated yesterday that if the dog owners of this community have an idea he is doing nothing about the complaints, they are wrong. The chief states he has four dogs in the city pond at this time and unless some owners take care of their pets, the number will be increased within the next few days. With gardening season coming on, the chief states, dogs will have to be kept penned or on a leash – or else.

According to the record kept at the fire station of all ambulance calls, Saturday, the last day of March, was the busiest day of the year so far. The book shows the boys made seven trips to and from the hospitals with patients during the day and night. Four and five calls a day have been the highest so far this year prior to Saturday.

A captured German general told front correspondents today that Adolf Hitler plans to die in battle at the head of SS Elite Guard troops especially picked for the honor of dying with the fuehrer. SS units already were being designated for the sacrifice, German Maj. General Hans Boehlsen said in an interview with a London News-Chronicle correspondent on the Third Army front.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

The heavy snowfall this week didn’t dampen the spirits of a Sycamore family who had thoughts of spring and expressed them via snowman. The Jay Haka family who are all White Sox fans, created a snowman to celebrate the soon-to-open baseball season.

Northern Illinois University’s School of Nursing is cooperating with the Chicago Medical School in a study aimed at determining which is the more efficient of two antidepressant drugs. Dr. Irving Frank, Sycamore, part-time faculty member at both schools, is the principal researcher. He is seeking approximately 40 patients, 35 to 65 years old, for the six-weeks study. About half will be from Chicago’s inner city and about half from the semi-rural DeKalb area. Wanted for the study are persons who suffer from insomnia, chronic fatigue, blue or crying spells, loss of appetite or weight; have a nervous depressive feeling with attitudes of helplessness and hopelessness, Dr. Frank said.

Gymnastics coach Gary Frazer presented Mark Sawyer with the outstanding gymnastics award and Jim Foster with the high point award at the Barb Booster Banquet Thursday night.

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1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

Players behind the power struggle in the Sandwich Community Hospital Association will see their day in court again tomorrow. The struggle, which has been a year-long plus court battle, recently has resulted in changing of door locks, security guards in hospital hallways and the attempted firing of the company managing the hospital. Last week, the administrator and two board of directors members were claiming they are in charge of the hospital. There has been no official SCHA board meeting since March 1994.

Charles Book from Carpentersville proudly displayed his state record Muskie (49 5/8”) Monday evening at Jim’s Bait & Tackle in downtown Shabbona. Book caught the state-record Muskie at Shabbona Lake State Park in 1994. Dave Christopherson was the taxidermist assigned the hefty chore. It took Christopherson, a Rochelle resident, three months to complete the task. Master of Ceremonies Dennis Sands, serves as the park’s promotion representative. A television crew from the Outdoor Notebook Show was on hand for the ceremony.

Lincoln Elementary School third-grader Peter Panourgis cast his vote Monday in an election to choose a new school color. The entire student body, faculty and staff chose between jade, raspberry and purple with jade winning by a landslide. The school is an official polling place for the public and they took advantage of the booths set up for the elections.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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