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Looking Back for April 1, 2020

From the Daily Chronicle, Wednesday, April 1, 1970. Trains rerouted down Lincoln Highway in DeKalb. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
From the Daily Chronicle, Wednesday, April 1, 1970. Trains rerouted down Lincoln Highway in DeKalb. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

A complete course in vamping in one lesson. See Constance Talmadge in “A Virtuous Vamp” at the Star tonight. It’s the chance of a lifetime, girls.

The quick action of simple witch hazel, camphor, hydrastis, etc., as mixed in Lavoptik eye wash will surprise DeKalb people. One girl with weak, strained eyes was helped by a single application. Her mother could hardly sew or read because of eye pains. In one week, she, too, had benefited. We guarantee a small bottle of Lavoptik to help ANY CASE of weak, strained or inflamed eyes. Aluminum eye cup FREE J. T. Denson, druggist.

There are more young people on the street now than there have been for some time, and the reason is that the high school is having its spring vacation. The students are having the entire week for their vacation and will return to their labors at the school next Monday. The grade schools had their vacations last week and returned to their lesson, though none the less difficult for them, duties on Monday.

The local fire department is getting nearer and nearer to the fund needed for its talking machine. Tomorrow the boys are going to have a list of the people that have donated to the machine and the list will be published tomorrow night.

By Decoration Day, the cement road will be open from DeKalb west and autos can use it. This was the pledge made yesterday by Contractor Hart of Hart and Page, to Dr. H. G. Wright, director of the Illinois Highway Association. There is a hiatus of about two miles between the edge of the pavement at Corey’s place and the east end of the completed cement road, and the other day The Chronicle voiced the sentiment of the people of that section in no uncertain terms, as they were threatening to take the matter in their own hands and use the sand piled there for the purpose of making the road at least passable.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

Jack Johnson, famous Negro prize fighter of years ago, was a Sycamore visitor Wednesday evening and Thursday, the guest of Dixie Simms. Johnson is beginning to show the effect of age, but he is an idol among the people of his race. Many sports fans greeted him during his short stay here.

“I know you boys haven’t asked for this, but Hitler and Tojo did, and they are going to get more than they asked for, as you boys are going over there and deliver the knockout blow,” said Rev. R. E. Bethards of the Genoa Methodist Church this morning as he spoke to another large group of pre-inductees sent to Chicago for examination.

A light vote is expected for the DeKalb Township election, which will be held on Tuesday, April 3, as there is no opposition for the various township offices which are to be filled at that time. Polling Places: 1. College Gym, 2. City Rest Room, 3. DeKalb Implement Company, 4. Norton’s Garage, 5. Odd Fellows Hall, 6. Thompson’s Garage, 7. Grade School Gym, 8. Sawyer’s Garage, 9. Guild Hall, 10. Buick Garage. Polls will open at 6 o’clock in the morning and close at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Henry Atwood, who recently moved here from Sycamore is doing a little boasting inasmuch as he has had potatoes from his garden during the week. The spuds were not all dug last year and with the heavy snow coating over the patch. Mr. Atwood states the potatoes were not frostbitten and are splendid eating.

A committee making the arrangements for the “Cleanup Day Picnic” which will be held in DeKalb on Thursday, April 19, is busy at the present time making plans for the gathering of all the debris that has been cleaned from the yards at all the homes in this city. Previous to that date all residents are being used to make a thorough cleaning of their yards, placing special emphasis on alleys. If every resident will cooperate in the plan, DeKalb will take on a very neat appearance for the summer season.

Fewer men are enrolled for the spring quarter at the Northern Illinois State Teachers College than at the close of the winter term. There were 72 men registered for the winter quarter while at present there are but 58. There are 445 students enrolled for the spring term, 58 men and 387 women.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

A renegade urban renewal committee formed last night and moved to take over the city’s lagging urban renewal project which hasn’t gotten off the ground since its inception in 1966. Taking fast action, the group voted to reroute the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad down Lincoln Highway (Alternate 30) to eliminate the existing traffic jams and parking problems on main street. To replace the main thoroughfare the group plans to channel traffic down the existing railroad right-of-way rejoining the highway somewhere between DeKalb and Malta. The urban renewal activists will eventually provide a railroad siding so downtown merchants can have loading zones in front of each store. EDITORS NOTE: The Chronicle reporter recently dozed off while attending an urban renewal meeting and dreamed up this April Fool’s Day story for the benefit of readers who are tiring of seeing boring factual reporting 365 days a year.

LOSE WEIGHT Safely with Dex-A-Diet and remove excess fluid with FLUIDEX. 

Police were called to the Joanne Lane home of Charles Ackerman yesterday when it was reported two juvenile boys were seen carrying liquor from the house. Police searched the house and found a 12- and 13-year-old in an upstairs bedroom. The house had been ransacked, eggs broken on the kitchen floor, mud throughout the living room, bedroom drawers open and rifled and six bottles of liquor stolen. Ackerman will submit a cleaning bill to the boys’ parents and the two youths are being turned over to the juvenile officer.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

Pop Goes the – Mix cheese and caramel corn at the Confectionery in Sycamore. It’s made daily with tender loving care (and a few pops, as in corn, here and there).

Alexander Wenner of Bloomington, Indiana, has donated $2,500 to DeKalb Public Library to set up an endowment fund in honor of his former DeKalb landlady, Margi Ellis. According to Wenner, Ellis exemplified Christian charity, independence and frugality. As an example of her charity, she had one room of her house devoted to equipment for the disabled that she loaned free of charge. Ellis did everything with a sense of humor and possessed a wide range of talents. Her example had a great influence on his life, he said.

DeKalb County officials are still trying to determine what impact the Senior Citizen Tax Freeze Exemption will have on local taxing bodies. DeKalb County Supervisor of Assessments Margaret Whitwell said it appears the about 1,200 residents will take part in the program. “Initially the first year it won’t be great, but each year after, it will get greater and greater,” Whitwell said.

DeKalb resident Nate Lambrecht, 12, scored a golfing ace Friday on the 160-yard eighth hole at Buena Vista Golf Course in DeKalb.  Lambrecht used a five wood for the ace.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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