Northern Rehab therapists complete training

Brandon Clement and Aaron Nevdal, physical therapists at Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists in DeKalb and Rochelle, recently completed a continuing education course for blood flow restriction training by BFR Pros in Rockford.

Blood flow restriction training is an exercise adjunct to enable patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads. The treatment works by applying an external pressure similar to a blood pressure cuff, which reduces venous outflow, causing muscles to use oxygen faster and fatigue quickly. This method can produce increases in strength without having to lift heavy weights, which can be painful or difficult.

Both Clement and Nevdal are accepting new patients at the DeKalb location at 3266 Sycamore Road. Additionally, Nevdal is accepting new patients in the Rochelle clinic at 1211 Currency Court. To schedule an appointment or for information, call 815-756-8524 (DeKalb) or 815-562-3299 (Rochelle) or visit

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