Ken Olson invited as to speak at spine conference

Ken Olson
Ken Olson

Ken Olson, physical therapist and co-owner of Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists in DeKalb, was an invited speaker at the Interprofessional Collaborative Spine Conference in Pittsburgh on the topic of safety and education of spinal manipulation.

This was the first combined conference between the physical therapy, chiropractic and osteopathy professions, and Olson was one of three physical therapists invited to present. His talk focused on the latest research evidence to ensure the safe and effective application of spinal manipulation through clinical reasoning and screening processes. He also discussed safe and effective methods to teach manipulation to student physical therapists.

Other topics presented at this conference included management of low back pain with spinal manipulation and exercise, and the common theme of the session was the emphasis that the most cost-effective management of low back pain occurs when patients are seen by physical therapists or chiropractors first in their episode of care.

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