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Looking Back for Nov. 27, 2019

Hinckley Grain Company, truck unloading grain at elevator, 1945. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Hinckley Grain Company, truck unloading grain at elevator, 1945. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

Groans from both court attaches and spectators were audible in the county court room on Monday when Judge Pond rendered his decision in the case against an Italian resident of Kirkland, accused of selling intoxication liquor against the law, and who was the first person arrested in DeKalb County under the state search and seizure act. The groans were heard when the judge ordered two whole barrels of perfectly good wine, seized from the defendant to be poured into the Kishwaukee river.

There was much rejoicing at the power plant of the DeKalb-Sycamore Electric company this morning when the bustling little switch engine of the North Western bumped four precious cars of soft coal onto the siding at the big plant, adding another four-day supply to the pile at the side of the plant.

All Sycamore is preparing to descend upon DeKalb Thanksgiving Day, according to reports received at the high school today. The case of the descent here will be the invasion of St Albans school of the county seat to give battle to the DeKalb township high school football team.

The collapse of the sidewalk in front of the Johnson millinery store, 157 East Lincoln Highway, at about eight o’clock Saturday night caused painful but not serious injuries to Miss Mary Egan, who resides on a farm a few miles south of this city. Miss Egan was near the entrance to the office of Drs. Anderson and Grotewohl when the concrete work gave way and the victim fell to the cellar below. Examination disclosed the fact that no bones were broken but that Miss Egan had suffered a badly sprained ankle, which was causing her much pain. She suffered from the shock and fright.

WANTED  FURS – Skunks, $2 to $6; Muskrats, 75c to $3; Mink, $3 to $7; also horse hide, beef hides, sheep hides. And also pay the highest prices for junk. Call 1026. Ike Gordon, 232 South 5th, DeKalb, Ill.

Three of the four alleged automobile bandits who chased over the countryside from Somonauk to Kaneville in a running gun fight in the early morning hours on September 18, and are now in the DeKalb County jail at Sycamore, will plead guilty when arraigned December 8, State’s Attorney Smith of DeKalb County says. These men, it is charged stole $500 worth of tires from the Breunig and Dolder garage at Somonauk. In the pursuit which followed, all but one, dubbed the “patriarch” because of his white hair and 75 years, were wounded.

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Santa Claus arrived in DeKalb on Saturday to assist the DeKalb merchant in selling war bonds and his trip to this city was a huge success as he was greeted by a large group at the DeKalb Trust and Savings Bank, both in the morning and the afternoon. Children are being encouraged to buy bonds from Santa and to exchange their war stamp books for bonds.

Under the auspices of the Sycamore Mothers Club, with the assistance of the county nurse, Mrs. Rose Phelps and Sycamore dentists, Dr. E. G. Miller, Dr. H. L. Jennings and Dr. O. C. Gustafson, the dental clinic started in Sycamore grade schools this morning. The examinations will be continued until every grade school student has been given a careful examination by the dentists.

Several students of the Kirkland schools made a visit to the county building yesterday and thoroughly inspected every room, much to their delight. In nearly all of the offices the boys and girls were told of the duties, and naturally there were several questions asked.  Following the tour through the courthouse, the boys and girls made a brief inspection of the county jail. The youngsters enjoyed the afternoon to the fullest extent and probably will have some interesting incidents to relate to others during the next day or two.

If your Chronicle carrier is Kenneth Knudsen and he is a little later this week than usual, it is because he is looking for his wrist watch, lost the latter part of last week. Kenneth, who is proving to be a good carrier of The Chronicle force, is continually looking for the lost timepiece while delivering his papers each night, and has hopes of finding it. It is an Elgin model and the young man will greatly appreciate its return if found.

At this forenoon’s talk at general assembly at the high school there were two talks given by students J. D. Colburn and Joanne Flint. They spoke very ably on the subject of tuberculosis and what it means to the average school student of today, and how the disease can be greatly curtailed by cooperation with the DeKalb County Tuberculosis Association. They brought up the subject of the Christmas Seal Sale and how much good can be accomplished by the money derived from these seal sales.

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

‘Las Vegas Night’ held at Chamberlin Park Saturday evening was the third in a series of entertainment sponsored by the park board and under the direction of the recreation director, Mary Horgan of DeKalb. All entered into the spirit of the Las Vegas casino. When the guests payed their admission fee they were given $3,000 in play money and invited to try their luck at roulette, the number wheel, beat the dealer, and other games. At the end of the evening prizes were given to the six who had been the most successful.

Excitement prevails for members of the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church as they prepare to use their new church for the first time Thanksgiving morning. This beautiful “jewel of a church” is located at 1145 DeKalb Ave., on Highway 23 just past the high school.

The pilgrims of Mrs. Gladys Foster’s first-grade class at Central School in Sycamore joined in the feast with the Indians of Mrs. Mary Bradtmueller’s first-grade class. The party the children enjoyed is in a traditional Thanksgiving theme with small cardboard turkeys in the center of the tables.

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

The City of DeKalb recently erected a new welcome sign at the south entrance on Route 23 near Brad Manning Ford.

Singles Eating Together is a new group being formed to help single adults gather to eat at affordable area restaurants once a week. Single men and women of all ages who are divorced or widowed who want the companionship of eating together are invited. Different restaurants will be chosen each week. If there is enough interest, the group might eat out twice a week.

With state, county, local government and business officials on hand, the newest stretch of Peace Road from Sycamore Road to Route 64 was officially opened Tuesday morning. DeKalb County Engineer Cliff said the road will be open to traffic even though all the final details have not been finished.

DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott says the arrest of six individuals breaks up a burglary ring that was operating in the northern half of the county. Scott said the arrests culminate a month-long investigation that involve the Kirkland and Genoa Police Departments and the McHenry County Sherriff’s Department. Scott said the six allegedly took cash, electronic equipment or items they could easily transport and sell.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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