‘Simple Scan’ available at Sycamore library

Sycamore Public Library has introduced “Simple Scan,” an easy-to-use touchscreen scanning device that scans, saves and sends all your documents, photos, magazines and more. 

The new Simple Scan Station can automatically auto-crop, auto-straighten and auto-orient each page scanned. Simple Scan can do anything that a traditional scanner or copier can do – but instead of printing the document, Simple Scan can save or send the document virtually anywhere. 

Also, Simple Scan has a unique patented scanner design that allows the book page to lie flat on the glass and protects the spine of the book from damage.

Stop in to try the easy-to-use photo restoration settings – make your old photos like new, with a simple press of a button.

For information, email jillc@sycamorelibrary.org.

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