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Looking Back for Aug. 7, 2019

Breezy’s Garage at 219 Grove St. in DeKalb, 1952. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Breezy’s Garage at 219 Grove St. in DeKalb, 1952. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

The draymen of the city are among the busiest of the folks now, that Normal school is closing, and almost every time one gets near the depot, he sees a local drayman with a batch of trunks. Normal students are returning to various parts of the state now, for the summer vacation, as well as many of the teachers, and there is considerable traffic on the railroad and the electric lines.

Judge V. A. Glidden says today there occurs something once or twice in every man’s life which dispels all the gloom that may have been hovering over his household for months past, and he has today occasion to feel better natured than ever. A friend of the family living in Chicago, yesterday notified the judge that an electric coupe was being sent out and would arrive here this morning, and the judge will now begin to take a little time off, to learn the controls of the noiseless vehicle.

Fire Chief McEvoy and Maurice Kennedy who went to the Twombly fie yesterday afternoon, lost two chains, either coming or going, they know not which, and ask that they be returned to the fire station by the finder. The chains belonged to a friend who loaned the car, and the chief is anxious they be returned.

Last night about 7:30 an auto load of tourists was seen going through here, and it was one of the greatest combinations seen here in some time past. There were seven people in the car, with a pet dog on the rear seat, and also a dog on each running board. The dogs on the outside of the care seemed to be enjoying the ride as well as any one and maintained their place even in going around the corners without any trouble.

One of the largest trees in Annie’s Woods was riddled yesterday afternoon by a bolt of lightning which was felt by residents of that vicinity. The tree was struck squarely by a sharp bolt of the lightning and it went down through the big trunk as though it were a match.

The police department yesterday received word from one of the special agents of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad that copper thieves had been at work in the territory of Shabbona. The report received here stated that about 1,000 feet of the heavy wire had been clipped from the poles recently and asked the aid of the authorities in locating the loot.

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Nearly 100 applications have been received by County Clerk E. W. Joiner from soldiers, sailors and marines for November election ballots. Mr. Joiner pointed out that the final date for overseas filing has been fixed as November 2. Applications for November ballots may be filed with the county clerk any time now. Cards may be secured from the commanding officer of the company to which the voter belongs.

Richard, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hammerich, is today nursing a sore leg, the result of being shot with a BB pellet while riding his bicycle to Hopkins Park. As Dick was riding to the park a boy seated on a bicycle at Ninth and Lewis Streets, and about 50 feet from Dick, opened fire with the BB gun. A pellet struck Dick in the calf of the leg, penetrating his trousers, breaking the skin and causing a severe bruise.  DeKalb police were notified of the incident.

With the right kind of weather prevailing over the weekend, Fred “Doc” Foster, as Superintendent of Public Works, had his workmen together, and the parking sections along State Street were properly marked off, as were the pedestrian lanes of traffic at intersections.   It was the opinion of the department workers that the street intersection painting was useless as motorists and pedestrians alike, paid little heed to them.

C. R. “Luke” McLagan, of “Morning Exercise” fame, now signal corps inspector at the Anaconda Wire & Cable Company’s plants here, is enjoying a vacation this week, and is making the most of it. It is understood Luke did not plan an extensive out of town trip, but did threaten to catch up on some of his reading.

Chief of Police Horace Fothergill in his June report of activities of the department, show that there were ten arrests made during the month. These included two each for passing red lights, driving through stop signs, and not possessing a driver’s license. Three arrests were made on the “doubledee” charge, drunk and disorderly, while one was taken into custody for assault and battery.

Spacious green lawns, regal lilies and blush roses, evergreen shrubbery and pine trees, help to make one of the loveliest spots in town – the park-like garden of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Row of Normal Road. Adjoining the Bert Rowe home, is the home of his brother Percy whose grounds and garden are also remarkably beautiful.

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

Mr. and Mrs. Landis Graeff of Shabbona observed their 65th wedding anniversary last month and to honor this very special event, relatives gathers Sunday for a noon dinner and afternoon together at the home of their daughter Mildred Thorsen. Of special interest to the honored couple and guests, was a congratulatory telegram from President Nixon.

The Northern Illinois Library System Bookmobile visited the Malta Township Library and left 80 books for summer reading.

DeKalb County has a new young golf course just in its third season at Sandwich. The Edgebrook Country Club lies among wooded slopes on the west side of town just beyond the Fairgrounds. It is an 18-hole course, the first nine lying in low ground surrounded by high bluffs on the south, and steep low hills on the west and north. The second nine holes lie beyond the bluffs to the south and west on high fairly level ground.

In Little League action Friday night, Tyrrell Gravel pounded Coast to Coast 27-6. Jeff Schaffner and Ron Fenstermaker each pitched three innings of good baseball as Tyrrell made it four straight after a slow start this year.

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

Providing an area to relax and enjoy the summer weather is he motivation behind a request from David Blitzblau, the owner of the Box Office Brewery (formerly the DeKalb Theatre), for approval to establish an outdoor dining area near his restaurant.

Sycamore residents with a craving for espresso, cappuccino, or 36 different varieties of gourmet coffee, will soon have a supplier for all their caffeine or decaf needs within walking distance. Shawn G. Thrower, owner of the Coffee Gourmet and Delicatessen Company at 204 Somonauk St., said that in addition to coffee, the restaurant will offer a full-service deli, Italian ices and sodas, fresh fruit, and a variety of fat-free items.

Opponents of the pre-annexation agreement for two parcels of land off Swanson Road owned by Kevin Dahl went away from the Sycamore Plan Commission meeting disappointed after the commission agreed to table discussion of the issue until the next meeting.

A town meeting about the gang situation is in the planning stages according to Sandwich Police Chief Rick Olson. He told the Sandwich City Council at its recent meeting that he felt it was “appropriate for people to look seriously at matters” when it comes to gang activity.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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