Spend 'Summer Evenings on the Prairie'

DeKalb County Forest Preserve Natural Resource managers will lead a “Summer Evenings on the Prairie” walk and talk through the prairie at Afton Forest Preserve from 6 to 7:30 p.m. July 18.

Attendees will follow trails through the mid-summer prairie blooms of yellow and purple coneflowers, blazing star, black-eyed Susans and the emerging tallgrass prairie of big bluestem and Indian grass.

Native Illinois prairie plants and prairie history will be discussed along with how to grow these low-maintenance sustainable plants in a home landscape. Bring a camera and take some photos and binoculars to view the prairie grassland and wetland birds.

Afton Forest Preserve, located at 13600 Crego Road, is regonized by the Cornell University’s Ornithological Lab as a "National Hot Spot" for bird watching.

Afton has picnic areas if attendees want to picnic before or after the program. Attendees should enter at the main entrance and meet in the middle parking lot.

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