Looking Back

Looking Back for April 24, 2019

1919 – 100 YEARS AGO

Automobiles in this vicinity still showing the 1918 license number are numerous in this vicinity, and it is very likely the police will start making inquiries and arrests of all who have not applied for the 1919 licenses. One man standing on the corner yesterday for about ten minutes picked up a dozen numbers of last year’s issuance.

It is very evident that the new time arrangement, whereby an hour of daylight is saved each day by the clocks being moved ahead an hour, is not approved by the farmers, and many of them are working with the sun, instead with the clock. Milk trains in some vicinities are leaving at the same old time, that is with the sun, although an hour later by the clock, the farmers claiming the work cannot be accomplished an hour earlier in the morning. The rural folks have other complaints to offer, too, on the new arrangement, and it is probable that the majority of them will work on the old time.

Cement blocks are being hauled for a dwelling house to be built on Miss Mary Condall’s farm in Victor.

Barden Brothers, proprietor of the broom factory, which recently started in business in the east end of DeKalb, announced today that their place of business will be open for inspection tomorrow afternoon and evening. The Barden Brothers say that new brooms sweep clean, and that DeKalb Made new brooms “sweep cleaner,” and ask the house wives of the city to call at their store tomorrow during the opening.

During the last few days men have been at work in the alley at the rear of the new Knights of Columbus building, removing the surplus bricks and other building materials there. The vacant lot to the west of the new building has also been cleaned up to some extent, and when the outside clean-up work is all done, there will be a vast improvement there.  

One of the steel company’s whistles went on a rampage yesterday afternoon about five o’clock and for a time it was thought some portion of the company’s property was on fire. Steel company employees, who are members of the fire department rushed to the factory, and at the same time there was about 35 fellows or more started for the city fire station to be there in case the city department was called. It developed that some repair work was being done on the whistle thus accounting for the three short blasts.

As has been generally understood the firm of H. H. Wagner has been in financial difficulties for some time past and after considerable deliberation it has been decided that Mr. Wagner shall turn the business over to the creditors.  

1944 – 75 YEARS AGO

Firemen were called to the Boynton residence on North Main Street in Sycamore, where grass being burned on the Maple Street side of the property was endangering buildings. The firemen used the booster pump and water, and in a few moments had returned to quarters. Brooms usually are used on such fires, if there are sufficient men around, but on this call, water was used that the rig might be returned to service quickly.

Work at the Sycamore Community Park, because of the manpower shortage, has slowed down to some extent, but it is reported now that Emil Cassier, superintendent, hopes to announce the opening date as some time the latter part of next week. Mr. Cassier believed that when the time came to go to work on the greens and fairways, he would have plenty of help. One or two of the men changed their minds and have been unable to work at the park.

The wind storm in Fairdale Tuesday caused some damage, although none of it was very serious. The windmill on the farm tenanted by Floyd Upstone was blown over. The large window at the August Krenger home was blown out as well as some windows at the Grange Hall. Signboards, limbs from trees, and other debris blew all over town. 

Nellie, of Recreation Farm, 53188, a registered Brown Swiss cow owned by Dr. J. W. Ovitz of Sycamore, recently completed a register of production record of 17,882.1 pounds of milk, 719.49 pounds of butterfat in 365 days.  

Unless water is pumped at a faster rate from the well into the reservoir at Chadwick (Clare), it may be necessary to add water to the ration list. The village was without water for four days when the pump broke down and inspection during the repair of the pump revealed that 105 feet of quicksand had worked into the 612-foot shaft.  

Announcement was made that the new industry for Sycamore, The Automotive Parts Company, which recently moved to Sycamore from Sandwich, is planning to start production within the next few days. The plant is occupying the north part of the Loptien garage, which was seriously damaged by fire several month ago and is being completely remodeled for the new tenants. 

1969 – 50 YEARS AGO

Forty-five acres of lowland, as close to its natural state as it is possible to find in Northern Illinois, will be made accessible to young students of DeKalb County when a footbridge is constructed across the Kishwaukee River. The program is one of the Natural Resources Education-Demonstration Center, located in the Russell Forest Preserve between Genoa and Kingston.

After months of planning and labor the first sign welcoming motorists to Sycamore has been installed on the site located at the south entrance to the city on Route 23. “Life Offers More” in Sycamore is the slogan imposed upon a cream background and a Sycamore tree in green completes the picture.

It’s going to be noisy in DeKalb Thursday afternoon. The DeKalb Civil Defense Office will be testing an outdoor siren unit to determine if the city will purchase the system. The 130-decibel outdoor warning system will be tested at the West Heat Plant near Lucinda Avenue and Annie Glidden Road on the Northern Illinois University campus. 

1994 – 25 YEARS AGO

More progress has been made in the Peace Road expansion, as members of the DeKalb County Transportation committee approved the purchase of four parcels of land and the condemnation of one parcel for the Peace Road right-of-way.  

A $425,000 difference between budget projection and bid price for renovations to Huskie Stadium raised concerns among members of the Board of Regent’s Finance and Facilities Committee and the Board. The proposed renovations include remodeling of the stadium’s locker rooms and rebuilding of seats in the west grandstand.

Road construction at Hillcrest Drive and First Street in DeKalb is expected to begin later this year, in an attempt to ease congestion at the intersection.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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