Editor's Note: And now I bid you a fond farewell

It’s been almost 10 years since I walked through the door of the low brick building on Barber Greene Road and sat down at a reporter’s desk.

I was nervous, uncertain and excited. I could not imagine the paths a decade in the newsroom would lead me down.

It is with that same mixture of excitement and trepidation that I move now to a new adventure. But this time, the excitement is tinged with sadness as I prepare to bid you goodbye.

This is my last Editor’s Note. I leave you in the capable hands of Inger Koch, features editor of the Daily Chronicle, who will take on the task of MidWeek editor in the new year.

Inger, in fact, was one of a panel of editors who interviewed me in 2005 when I first applied for a reporter job at the Daily Chronicle. I trust her, which is important, because for four years, The MidWeek has been like one of my babies. I couldn’t leave it in the hands of just anyone.

I thank those of you who have contacted me over the years. To those of you who send press releases or call with a story idea, thank you, and keep those stories coming. This is your newspaper, with the news of your community, and we couldn’t do it without you.

To those who have been gracious enough to sit down with me and be interviewed, thank you. The stories I have told over the years do not belong to me, and I have always taken seriously the responsibility to tell others’ stories well.

To those who reached out to let me know how I was doing, thank you. Whether you were calling me out when I made a mistake or telling me when a particular story or column touched or amused you, thank you.

Writers are engaged in a strange occupation; our work is put out for view by thousands of strangers, but we create it alone in a sort of vacuum. Your feedback was invaluable to me. And rest assured, if you ever sent me a note or email praising a piece of my work, I still have it and will take it with me as I move on.

And to those who have never reached out, but who pick up the MidWeek each week and turn its pages, thank you. Thank you for reading the paper, for allowing me into your home every week, and for supporting the advertisers who keep us in existence.

I will miss you, every one of you. Perhaps in a small, selfish way, I hope you will miss me, too.

May the new year bring you health and happiness and new beginnings.

Happy New Year, and enjoy your MidWeek.

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