Sycamore school children to get library cards through program

SYCAMORE – A new partnership between School District 427 and the Sycamore Public Library will ensure all children in Sycamore public schools get a library card.

An intergovernmental agreement between District 427 and the Sycamore Public Library was finalized by a school board vote recently, according to a news release from the Sycamore Public Library.

Students living outside the Sycamore city limits will now be able to access library resources through the public school program, the release shows.

D-427 Superintendent Kathy Countryman said she’s excited that literacy is going to be promoted throughout the district.

“This agreement strengthens our current relationship by providing access to the awesome resources the library has to offer for all Sycamore Community School District students,” Countryman said.

Still in its infant stages, the program is set to take effect beginning in the fall 2019 semester.

“The agreement also provides support to library programming through the use of school district resources,” Countryman said. “This is another example of how entities work together to enhance life in Sycamore.”

Jill Carter, marketing and community engagement manager for the library, said logistical details are still being decided.

“With both boards just approving this preliminary agreement, a lot of these factors have yet to be determined,” she said.

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