Sheriff's office warns of phone scammers

SYCAMORE – The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about a telephone scam in which the callers pretend to be county officials in order to separate people from their money.

The number of the caller appears as 815-899-7322, which is the Public Defender's office, according to a news release from the sheriff's office's Chief Deputy Andy Sullivan.

People who call the number provided on a recorded message are connected to an automated system that claims to be the sheriff's office and informs them that they have to make a digital payment for fines or restitution.

The sheriff's office will never call residents to solicit money for fees, fines or restitution, or because they missed jury duty or any other issue, according to the release. Any calls that describe such a scenario are a scam.

Investigators are following up on the case, and anyone who receives such a call can report it to the sheriff's office by calling 815-895-2155, or by calling local police.

Police offer the following tips to avoid falling victim to phone scams:

• Never give in to high-pressure tactics.

• Insist on having anyone soliciting donations over the phone mail materials to your address for review.

• Never give personal or financial information over the phone.

• Do not agree for someone to pick up a donation in person.

• Hang up on people who are uncooperative or intimidating.

• Remember that law enforcement agencies do not make phone calls demanding money.

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