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KC and G-K High School offer dual credit partnership

This spring, two Kishwaukee College instructors are spending part of their day teaching college classes to high school students at Genoa-Kingston High School.

The courses are dual credit, which means students earn both high school and college credit upon successful completion. Dual credit courses are typically taught by certified high school instructors, but GKHS wanted to expand opportunities for dual credit to their students where they did not have college-certified instructors. This is the first time Kish has offered dual credit courses taught by Kish instructors during the regular school day at a high school campus.

The courses offered this spring at GKHS are Oral Communications and Principles of Micro Economics. Both courses are three credit hour courses; students who successfully complete both will earn six college credit hours. The classes are offered in the afternoon and are staggered to allow students the opportunity to take both classes. Plans are underway for two additional courses, Intro to Psychology and Composition, to be offered in the fall semester.

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