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Looking Back for Dec. 12, 2018

Hampton’s Cabin Court Restaurant and Service Station in Hinckley along Route 30. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Hampton’s Cabin Court Restaurant and Service Station in Hinckley along Route 30. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1918 – 100 YEARS AGO

Even though the Kaiser has been canned and United States war gardens have helped out wonderfully in the work there should be no letup in the raising of foodstuffs the coming year. The consignment of seeds for the various dealers in the city came in this morning, and it looked queer to see large boxes of seeds being delivered before the city had even had a snowstorm.

The flu situation improved at Malta, the school was opened there Monday. Nearly all of the children have returned to school and affairs at Malta have been generally resumed.

Two flivvers, one coming from the north and the other from the south, met at the corner of Fourth street and due to the fact that neither machine was going at a fast rate but little damage was done. The drivers were each confident that the other fellow was going to stop when reaching the post, but instead both kept on going and the two cars met, head-on. The fellows backed away, gave their cars the once over, laughed about the incident and were soon on their way again.

The large force of painters and decorators which has been at work at the North Western station completed the work there and the inside of the station looks much better. The walls of the depot were first washed with soap and water and then decorated, while all the wood work of the building was given a heavy coat of varnish. The repairs of the DeKalb station have been extensive this year and it is now one of the best buildings along the line.

Malta township must not fail in the United War Work campaign. The quota for this township is $2,900, of this amount $2,490 has been subscribed. The committee will continue the drive until the full amount is raised. To those who have not made their full subscription there are three reasons why you should come across, and come across at once: First, you owe it to the boys; second, to maintain the township’s honor; third, to maintain your own honor.

On account of the scarcity of labor the construction department of the C., A. & D. has been handicapped to some extent in its fall work of repairing the roadbed and other necessary repairs. It is said that help has been secured now that will warrant a speedy finish to the work outlined by the officials in the line of making the road better in every way possible. A large force of section men are now at work near Maple Park and working this way and the roadbed will be in much better condition when these men complete the work.

1943 – 75 YEARS AGO

Eleven students at the Northern Illinois State Teachers College completed their requirements for graduation at the close of the fall quarter. There was no formal graduation for these students as they will be included in the formal graduation in June 1944.

Due to a fall of snow which covered all streets and highways with a coating of ice, many cars slid into the ditches early this morning.

Workmen have completed the boarding up of the vacant building east of the State Restaurant on State Street, which was virtually destroyed by fire some time ago. It is understood the restaurant is to be remodeled and enlarged and part of this room may be used. The covering of the window spaces and door makes a much better appearance for State Street and has been favorably commented on by many residents.

Workmen have started the holiday decorations for the street, and the business section of the city will depict the holiday season. Evergreen wreaths are to be hung and the ornamental light posts are to be decorated before the task is completed. The mural, which has been used in previous years, will not be seen this year at its usual place at the courthouse. Instead the committee of the Chamber of Commerce hopes to be able to decorate the trees near the entrance to the building in such a manner that they will add to the other decorations along the street.

Louis Lloyd is walking with a cane at the present time, but not by force, however. He recently received a box of trophies from his son-in-law, Lieut. Com. George Milles who is on a hospital ship, and a cane directory from one of the foreign fighting theatres was included. The walking stick has the appearance of teakwood and handsomely engraved and feted with shells and bits of glass and ornaments. Mr. Lloyd states he has many other interesting articles which have been taken from the enemy by Lieut. Com. Milles.

1968 – 50 YEARS AGO

DeKalb Fire Chief Frank Cliffe traveled to Anderson, Ind., to purchase a 200-gallon tank, which will be used to help firemen fight brush fires. The fire chief told The Daily Chronicle that the tank will come equipped with a pump and reel. He said that the storage tank will enable firemen to get the brush fires out quicker. The firemen have had to use brooms on several grass fires. According to the fire chief, the tank and its accessories will cost about $1,400. He said the cost was included in the fire department’s present budget for equipment.

A salesman forced his way into a DeKalb home and made a 14-year-old girl pay $18 for a golf magazine that she didn’t want, according to reports from DeKalb police, who are searching for the salesman. Police said that the salesman told the young girl that he needed to sell the magazine so he could receive enough points to go to college.

Ambulance service to the city of Sycamore is now being provided on a temporary basis by George Brumley, owner and operator of the Brumley Ambulance service, at a cost of $700 per month.

A goal of $100,000 has been set for the 1968 Christmas Seal Campaign, according to an announcement by L. S. Clemens, president of the Tuberculosis Association of Kane, DeKalb and Kendall Counties.

1993 – 25 YEARS AGO

Commonwealth Edison Co., and the DeKalb Park District met last week to determine the fate of trees along the Nature Trail on Sycamore Road. Removal of trees from the trail was halted last week when residents near the trail contacted park district officials to voice their concerns about the action.

DeKalb city police estimate there are four street gangs in DeKalb with significant numbers, although a lot more have been identified with only one or two members in the area.

The Citizen Environmental Commission will plant more trees in DeKalb with money expected to be gained from the sale of wood from any trees removed from the proposed Target development site. The sale of wood could net up to $5,000 and the commission is hoping to get at least part of that money to purchase trees. The trees would then be planted in either a new woodland area if a site can be found, or planted in the Hopkins Park area to replace aging trees there.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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