NIU creates safe selling space for internet commerce

DeKALB – Northern Illinois University police have set up a designated safe selling space for online commerce transactions, according to NIU officials.

All sales transactions at the NIU Police and Public Safety dispatch center, 395 Wirtz Drive, will be under video surveillance and will be manned 24 hours a day.

The safe-selling initiative is part of a campus-wide effort to encourage students to form safe habits and be proactive about safety when it comes to buying and selling objects online. NIU police Deputy Chief Jason John said in a news release that campus law enforcement wanted to create an area where people feel comfortable doing those exchanges with the growing popularity of internet sales.

John said in the release that students can come into the building and let the dispatcher know they’re there to complete a safe-selling transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the student notifies the dispatcher and both parties go their own way.

The area already is open to the public. The initiative comes at no cost to the university, according to the release.

John said in the release that the sale of drugs, weapons or any other contraband is strictly prohibited, and police will not get into the middle of any disputes involving any sales transactions. Any abandoned property left on the premises will be considered abandoned property in accordance with law, he said.

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