Malta joins Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

The 11th annual Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale will be back this weekend. Yard sales will be concentrated in Illinois from the Mississippi River in Fulton eastward, through the middle of the state. 

Malta joins this year, assisted by its Seedling Mile organization. 

Town-wide sales will be in Fulton on Friday and Saturday, organized by Fulton’s Chamber of Commerce. Many of the Fulton sales will be multi-family.

To find the locations and schedules for the yard sales on Thursday through Saturday, including maps of town-wide sales, visit

The sponsor of the yard sales, the Lincoln Highway Association, is a charitable organization open to all, tracing its roots back to the original organizers of the Lincoln Highway, which is more than 100 years old.

The Lincoln Highway Buy-Way began in Ohio and spread to neighboring states, spanning hundreds of miles across five states from West Virginia to Iowa.

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