Linda Fett named Kirkland Citizen of the Year

Library director thanks friends made through community involvement

Linda Fett, director of the Kirkland Public Library
Linda Fett, director of the Kirkland Public Library

KIRKLAND – A larger piece of land for gardening, a three-car garage for her husband and a quieter lifestyle were all Linda Fett, director of the Kirkland Public Library, asked for when she moved to Kirkland 13 years ago after her retirement.

"What [my husband and I] didn't know was that we were moving into a community that we would definitely call home," Fett said.

Her longtime dedication to the library and the Kirkland Historical Society was recognized by the community as she was named Kirkland's Citizen of the Year during a Friends of the Library luncheon Thursday at the Kirkland Lutheran Church.

"I must acknowledge the friends who I invited today, the Library Board of Trustees who are very supportive, the employees who work their hardest to make the library a better place, the best story reader around and the friends of the library," Fett said. "Without these people and other friends who I rely on, I wouldn't get the amount done that I do."

Fett began as a part-time employee at the library, simply because she liked to read.

"What a changing moment in my life that was, and it was certainly my start in community involvement in Kirkland," she said.

Her involvement with the historical society led to a number a joint presentations with the library, such as the history of Route 66, musical influences on the Beatles and the history of Rosie the Riveter.

“Linda has helped coordinate events such as Christmas in Kirkland, Easter Story Time, various summer library events for kids, and Memorial Day World War II Radio Hour, and is involved with village functions such as the Kirkland Community Center and Economic Development Study,” her nomination read. “Linda is positive and goes the extra mile to bring together the community for special events and activities.”

Fett and her husband, Earl, have been together for 47 years. When she is not trying to make the public library and the village more vibrant, she loves to read, garden and travel.

"I've been at this luncheon for 13 years now and I must tell you that I always thought it was cool when somebody was announced as Citizen of the Year," Fett said.

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