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Looking Back for April 11, 2018

Esmond School District 180, 1908. Thanks to Joiner History Room for the photo.
Esmond School District 180, 1908. Thanks to Joiner History Room for the photo.

1918 – 100 YEARS AGO

Pierce township is being worked thoroughly by the thrift stamp men. P. M. Wall and M. A. Walsh will canvas the northern part of the township for stamps.

A beautiful knit comfort is on display in Wagner’s window, which will be given to the Red Cross. The knitters were the children of Miss Ruth Rolland’s school, district No 69, on the south Malta road and their work is very well done. Two boys, Albert Anderson and Clifford Slade, aided by Mary Slade, Mary Barr, Stella Hundson and Virginia Painter, with Miss Rolland to direct and guide, accomplished the knitting, furnishing all the yarn.

Hang on tight, fellows, because this is going to be a body blow for the man that gets shaved in a barber shop, but will not affect the safety razor user. DeKalb barbers are now dickering among themselves for the purpose of getting another jitney out of the patrons of the various places, for a neck shave, and when you stop to consider the matter, they are entitled to it. Barber supplies, the same as anything else, or rather everything else, have increased in price, and a jitney more after each shave will not break anybody.

Evidently something has gone radically wrong with the people of the world as the past week the county clerk’s office at Sycamore sold not a single marriage license.

The walk from Fourth street to the station of the North Western in DeKalb which gave way during the recent rains was repaired by workmen of the company. New supports were place under the fencing, and new material consisting of crushed stones, was thoroughly tramped and that part of the right of way is now in first class condition.

The corner of First Street and Lincoln Highway is a trifle treacherous at this time inasmuch as the new building there obstructs the view of Lincoln Highway east, to which motorists have become accustomed. At that time the contractors at work on the new garage have large piles of material near the corner, and this further adds to the danger, and it behooves all autoists to approach this corner slowly to avoid accidents of all kinds.

A motorcade of Dodge cars en route to points west was delayed here for a time when one of the cars was struck by the afternoon passenger train. The gates at the Fourth street crossing are not in working order and although the gateman was on the ground the driver of the car attempted to cross ahead of the train. One wheel was broken off, a fender bent and broken and other damage inflicted to the car, while the driver escaped without injury.

1943 – 75 YEARS AGO

Warning tickets are being given all motorists driving card with 1941 license plates by state police officers. State officers were stopping the cars on the Lincoln Highway just west of First street in DeKalb and warning the drivers to get the new plates.

Re-dedication exercises for the completely refurnished Kirkland Methodist church were held with an overflow crown present for the program in the afternoon and a total of 800 people attending the services that were held throughout the day.

The Farmers Implement Company that was located in the former American Steel and Wire Company building on Locust Street has moved to the garage which was recently vacated by Arthur Taylor on the southwest corner of Fourth and Locust Streets. The move was made so as to make room for the new tank track factory that is to open in the near future.

The overhead on Locust Street, about midway between Fourth and Sixth Streets, which had been connecting the former Steel Company building located on each side of the street, is to be torn down. The city is tearing down the overhead and will salvage as much of the wood and other materials as possible as a means of defraying the cost of wrecking the structure. The overhead has not been in use since the steel company ceased operations in the buildings and is also a somewhat unsightly structure.

On Jan. 26, three young men from Sycamore, John Farney, Francis Welch and Bob Strain left for the Pacific coast bent upon becoming merchant mariners in aiding the government in transporting essentials to besieged countries in the Indies. Today, the trio is disbanded, and distributed about the world as if a squall had suddenly blown up, scattering them in various direction, illustrating how uncertain a few months in war time can prove to be.

When his car shot forward, instead of moving away from the curb, Albert Horlacher of Genoa found himself making an unwelcome entrance into the Royal Blue store. Mr. Horlacher was preparing to back his parked car away from the curb, when it started forward, hurled the curb and plunged into the display windows of the store.

1968 – 50 YEARS AGO

DeKalb’s Barbs, members of Illinois basketball’s “Elite Eight”, will be honored by DeKalb residents who will participate in a massive parade through the downtown area.

Famed cellist Raya Garbousova of DeKalb will be featured soloist with the Northern Illinois University Symphony Orchestra in a performance. A native of Russia, Mme. Garbousova has been an American citizen for 20 years and now makes her home in DeKalb where her cardiologist husband, Dr. Kurt Biss has his practice.

Gone under the tractor is the youngsters wading pool, part of the renovations of the Hopkins Park pool. Work has begun with a lot of tearing up in preparation of the rebuilding of the pool.

A well-protected and adequately equipped emergency communications center is being established in the basement of the new Municipal Building in DeKalb.

The Shabbona high school baton twirlers received three firsts or superior and three seconds or excellent ratings at the band and vocal contest at Leaf River high school on March 16.

DeKalb was out to welcome the Barbs home from Champaign after their outstanding display of thrilling basketball. A chartered bus with the team arrived at the DeKalb High School and a hero’s’ welcome.

1993 – 25 YEARS AGO

Sycamore merchant Jerry Henderson won the Illinois Retailer of the Year Award, an Illinois Retail Merchants Association spokesman announced. Henderson is the first DeKalb County merchant to win the award.

As talks over proposed reorganization with Waterman continue, the Shabbona School Board will vote on various education-fund cuts including elimination of four teaching spots.

With the DeKalb County Board’s rejection of a plan to turn ownership of the county nursing home over to the DeKalb County Public Building Commission, the board is now turning its attention to possibly selling it to a private enterprise.

Three Sycamore students were selected winners in the Young Authors Contest and invited to the Illinois 19th Young Author’s Conference. Southeast School first grader Megan Pluff, North School fourth grader John Vallaster, and Sycamore Junior High School sixth grader Katie Davis wrote illustrated books selected by the judging committee.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives

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