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Looking Back for Dec. 6, 2017

Tuntland School, circa 1923. The school was located in Paw Paw Township on Benson Road. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Tuntland School, circa 1923. The school was located in Paw Paw Township on Benson Road. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

A little tot of about two or three years, dressed in a brown coverall suit, created no end of merriment this morning at the Northwest station in DeKalb. The little fellow could not talk only the usual baby chatter, but he enjoyed that, and would toddle around the men’s waiting room, talking to this one and that one, and in a manner that brought forth many a hearty laugh from the large crown waiting for the trains.

The First National bank has completed the upper part of the building to such an extent that a large flagstaff has been erected there. The first of the week a large flag, much larger than formerly flown from the building, was unfurled to the breezes and many people have heard to comment on the improvement.

An Oakland car belonging to John Donnelley, skidded into the curbing at First and Locust street yesterday afternoon and it was necessary for the garage men to bring the “dolly” and haul the damaged vehicle to the garage. This corner is an exceptionally busy one and one using all precaution will oftentimes have an accident. The accident yesterday was due to the car skidding on the leaves and crashing into the curb breaking the rear wheel.

The new garage building at the corner of First and Lincoln Highway seems to be moving by bounds and jumps and each day sees its walls climbing higher. The large steel beams are being placed and the front of the building is perhaps moving more rapidly than any other. There are several men at work on the job and with such ideal weather as the present the contractors are exerting every effort to get as much done as possible before the colder season takes hold.

P. Quinn, of Clare, who recently invested in a new Hudson automobile, has taken every precaution keeping the car in good shape, safety first being his slogan wherever there was a shadow of a doubt. The forepart of the week, the Quinns, together with some guests drove the new car to Rockford and the trip was one of enjoyment. Just before turning into the gate at home, on the return trip, the driver encountered a herd of cattle. Rather than take any chances the driver stopped and as he did so a calf kicked at the car as it was getting out of the road, breaking off a headlight. The rest of the family and the guests have since had considerable fun at Mr. Quinn’s expense.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

Roller skating in Sycamore at the Community will soon be a reality. Negotiations have been under way for several days for the purchase of more than 150 pairs of fiber wheeled roller skates and the machine that will provide music for the skaters.

DeKalb fire department received word of a fire in a vacant house at Electric Park corners. The house formerly was on the opposite side of the highway and was once used as a filling station. When a modern station was erected on the route between DeKalb and Sycamore, the frame building was moved across the road.

Judge Latham Castle received from Governor Dwight Green’s office his temporary commission, which gives him the privilege of sitting in county court until his official term as county judge begins.

Farm advisors from northern Illinois met in DeKalb and made plans for the introduction of the crop of hemp in this area. The introduction of the crop to this locality is being urged by the government which plans the erection of about ten or twelve processing plants in this part of the state.

Consumers who stock up on coffee, will have to count all above one pound they have on hand as part of their ration.

A United States submarine operating in Japanese home waters has broken navy records by sinking eight enemy ships totaling 70,000 tons and damaging and possibly sinking four more totaling up to 25,000 tons in a single cruise.

Sycamore’s national defense housing program, which is designed to provide many vitally needed homes for the city’s growing army of defense workers, is under way. A total of 32 homes are to be built at once under priorities extended by the War Production Board, and twenty to 28 additional units will be erected as soon as the necessary priorities and materials can be obtained. Entire areas along West Street, Albert Avenue and Esther Avenue, in the west section of the city, are active as the first units of a well-trained building organization go into action.

Cooperation to the nth degree is sought by the post office department this year from the citizens of the community in the mailing of Christmas parcels, letters and greeting cards. Holiday mail this year is expected to be much heavier than usual due to so many of the young men having been called to arms during the last few months.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

In a plan developed by the schools, endorsed by the Citizen’s Advisory Committee and accepted by the Board of Education, the DeKalb Public Schools plan to move the ninth grade to the high school for the 1969-70 school year.

Dryers that will take the moisture out of corn are in operation throughout the DeKalb areas as the harvest is being rushed. Corn comes to the dryer out of the field with about 20 percent moisture content, which through the drying process is cut to about 15 percent, acceptable for delivery and sale.

DeKalb’s city offices will be moving into the new municipal building at Grove and Fourth streets. A ribbon-cutting ceremony has been postponed until January because as Mayor Joseph Ebbesen put it, “The drapes, furniture and other odds and ends are still being put in place in the building.”

In considering the kinds of facilities needed to provide space for increasing enrollments in the DeKalb schools, the Citizens Advisory Committee recommended to the Board of Education that an addition be made to the senior high school.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

Due to availability of affordable industrial space and experienced work force, Genoa has attracted five new industries in 1992. The Genoa Chamber of Commerce plans a gathering to recognize C.L.R. Industries, All Felt Products, Polar Tech, Argos Products (under new ownership), and Best Ball Golf.

NASCAR driver Richard Petty takes a final lap around the Atlanta Motor Speedway as the race was the final one in Petty’s 35-year career.

A DeKalb High School graduate is resting his body and his bike as he prepares for the second leg of his cross-country journey from California to Florida.

Iran is buying up weapons left and right, including north Korean missiles and Russian planes, and could pose a threat to the U.S. and its allies within three to five years.

The village of Malta will become a member of J.U.L.I.E., Inc. J.U.L.I.E. is a nonprofit organization that notifies member underground utility facility owners/operators of planned digging activities in areas where their facilities are present.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room,
DeKalb County Archives

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