Winners named in Pumpkin Fest pie-eating contest

SYCAMORE – The Sycamore Kiwanis Club held its annual Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest on Oct. 28.

Competitors gathered on the courthouse lawn to quickly eat pieces of pie to win a monetary prize.

This year, 52 children and adults were in the contest. The pumpkin pies were purchased at Jewel in Sycamore. Sycamore High School Key Club members helped out with the contest.

The following people were winners in their age categories.

Ages 5 and younger

1st – Lillie Harper, Sycamore

2nd – Edith Faulkner, DeKalb

3rd – Emma Shaff, Sycamore

4th – Theodore Faulkner, DeKalb

Ages 6 to 10

1st – Ella Atwell, Sycamore

2nd – Alex McNeill, Shiller Park

3rd – Faisal Al Harby, Sycamore

4th – Kennedy McCoy, Sycamore

Ages 11 to 15

1st – Madelyn Lathrop, Sycamore

2nd – Elijah Herra, Sycamore

3rd – Maxine Lathrop, Sycamore

4th – Kaitlyn Costello, Sycamore

Age 16 and older

1st – Bridget McMillion, DeKalb

2nd – Jim Hawberg, Sycamore

3rd – Patrick Costello, Chicago

4th – Bradley Ruetten, Sycamore

In a last-minute category – Bride and Groom – Hanna Brandt West and Addison West competed as part of their wedding celebration. The groom won.

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