‘Creatures Small and Great’ exhibit on display at The Art Box

“Creatures Small and Great,” an exhibition of original watercolors by DeKalb artist Cathy Schneider, will be on display through Nov. 7 at The Art Box in DeKalb.

Schneider has been a resident of DeKalb for three decades, after living in Chicago for a number of years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in education from the University of Illinois.

In the art world, Schneider is considered “self-taught” because her teaching degree is not in art.

Even though she does not have a formal education in art, she studied art in high school for three years.

She began painting again 25 years ago with a group under the tutelage of artist and former DeKalb resident Diane Gilmore. She has been free to devote many more hours to this passion since retirement from Northern Illinois University a few years ago

Schneider says she paints because it gives her joy.

“In one sense, it is a little vacation for my brain; in another, it’s more challenging than anything else I do,” she said in a news release.

Schneider said animals intrigue her and she enjoys trying to capture the essence of their fur, feathers or wrinkled skin as well as the depth and sparkle of an eye.

“To me, the most powerful aspect of my work is the spiritual connection I feel to the animals, trees, rocks and water that I paint,” she said in the release. “I hope that my art will help others understand that we are each a part of the fragile web of existence on this planet.”

Schneider is a longtime member of the Kishwaukee Valley Art League. She continues to learn from other artists, and has attended many demonstrations through the league.

Art books and workshops have been a source of information while other artists, supporters and loving critics have been her greatest inspiration.

The Art Box is located at 308 E. Lincoln Highway. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed Sunday and Wednesday.

For information about the exhibit, call Daniel Grych at 815-758-0313.

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