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Kishwaukee College offers many office software classes

Kishwaukee College has a wide variety of courses and programs to give students invaluable skills in office software use.

Pam Pascolini, Office Systems instructor at Kishwaukee College, said,

“Office software programs, like Microsoft Word or Excel, are great tools but most people really never get past the homepage in any of these programs and have not even begun to tap the potential in the software,” Pam Pascolini, Office Systems instructor at KC, said in a news release.

Kish offers everything from introductory level to more advanced OS courses and also has specialized courses for students interested in pursuing, for example, Medical Coding and Billing, a growing area of employment.

Pascolini noted that high school and college students also benefit.

“Many traditional age students are very tech savvy with their phones,” she said in the release. “But sometimes are unsure how to attach a document to an email or are unaware that Microsoft Word has the settings already programmed in for MLA formatting for research papers. Their assignments could go a lot smoother with a little knowledge.”

Pascolini is an alum of the Kishwaukee Office Systems program and knows first-hand how important the basic office skills are in the workplace. Knowing that an Office Systems degree or certificate can provide a perfect point for anyone re-entering the workforce, Pascolini has made sure that courses are available during “family-friendly” time periods.

“Many courses this fall begin after a parent would drop off kids at school and are completed in time for after-school pick-up,” she said in the release. “There are evening sections, too.”

In addition, Pascolini offers a down-to-earth Employment Strategies class to assist students with finding a job that is a good fit. The class goes over creating resumes, cover letters and how to do a job search in a practical manner, but also teaches students how to create a brand and sell it.

“Most job seekers don’t think about themselves as a 'brand,' but when you job hunt, you’re creating your own unique brand and then advertising it to potential employers. The days where you make a single resume and blanket employers with it are long gone. With new technology, every resume can be tweaked for a specific employer, and should be,” she said in the release.

For more information on Office Systems opportunities for fall 2017, contact Pam Pascolini at 815-825-9413 or or visit

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