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Looking Back for July 12, 2017

Chicago & North Western diesel engine 1707 on the south track heading east in DeKalb, 1958. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Chicago & North Western diesel engine 1707 on the south track heading east in DeKalb, 1958. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

A parking line on the north and south side of Lincoln Highway from Second to Fourth street is being marked out today by the city employees. The men have been at work on the south side of the street marking out the space in which a car is privileged to park. This is done that the cars will not park within 15 feet of the fire hydrants and also that there shall be space left between the front end of the cars and the street car tracks to allow the passage of another vehicle.

The younger kids of this city, who in the past have caused the police department no end of trouble, will hereafter think twice before they commit an offense that will be liable to get them in the hands of the law. Three of the younger ads of this city, who for some time past have been up before the chief and his men for devilish acts, will leave in a few days for St. Charles where they will be taught the meaning of the word, obedience, and also taught that right is right and wrong is wrong.

City boys who are willing to do their best are wanted on farms to help in the labor shortage and to help fill the ranks left vacant by those going into the army.

George Miller, who has been affiliated with the Nehring Electrical works in this city since the organization of the company, will open a music store in DeKalb at the corner of Third and Lincoln Highway with Carl Berggren, the jeweler. Mr. Miller plans to sell the Steinway piano made by Lyon & Healy, and the Brunswick talking machine made by the Brunswick Balke Collendar Co.

A force of men are at work putting in the foundation for the new elevator in Chase which is soon to be completed and will be a spacious building and modern in every way.

John Widen, the monument dealer, has recently completed the erection of a fine monument on the Bradt lot in Fairview cemetery, and the stone is one of the very best possible to obtain. The material is pink Westerly, and is circular in shape, with an urn as the cap. The base is nearly five feet across with a column several feet high, with a cap and urn at the top. In all the marker stands nine feet high. It is highly polished and will retain its beauty for years and years to come. The stone weighs four and one half tons.

Dedicatory service will be held Sunday for the new Lutheran church which was recently competed in Milan township, three miles north of Lee.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

Using considerable yellow and white paint, the city of Sycamore street department has been busy for the last two days marking off crossing, safety and parking zones in the downtown section. In addition to right and left hand turn boundaries, where permitted, also are marked out. The no parking zones are being painted a “loud” yellow that no one can mistake them for parking places, and the crossing stripes also have been made prominent.

The drive for the United Service Organizations in Pierce township nearly doubled over its quota.

More than 150 baby pheasants have arrived in DeKalb within the last few days, consigned to the Sportsmen’s club, and being cared for by Forrest Phelps. The birds are on the Struthers property and will be kept there and cared for until they are able to care for themselves. They then will be turned over to members of the club for distribution in various parts of the county, although this work will not be accomplished for some time.

Two hundred and fifty-eight congressman, 212 representatives and 48 senators, received unlimited “X” gasoline rationing cards, an examination of rationing board files here disclosed today. Of the representatives who got unlimited gasoline rations, 113 were Democrats, 98 Republicans and one Progressive, out of a total House membership of 435. In the Senate, 32 Democrats, thirteen Republican and one Progressive received “X” cards. The Senate has a membership of 96.

Repairs and cleaning of the county court rooms have been started and the floor has been painted a deep green (not blue) and there are other matters about the room to be given attention before the summer cleaning operations are completed. The custodian of the building states that as soon as possible the floors in both court rooms will be given a heavy coat of wax, which will even make them better than they were before.

Storekeepers of Sycamore are careless about the manner in which they lock up their places of business each evening, if the report of the police department is an indication. The report for the month of June which was released by Chief George Meier shows that doors to five stores in the business section were found unlocked during the past 30 days. Were it not for he alertness of the night police, it is more than probable that some merchants would have been the losers of several hundreds of dollars in merchandise as a result.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

July marked the beginning of a four-year contract between the U. S. Department of Agriculture (Soil Conservation Service) and DeKalb County. In this four-year period, the entire county will be soil mapped. Soil maps and soil survey information is useful not only to the farmer in planning crop rotation and land use, but also increasing use is being made of soil survey information in areas being developed for urban use.

Steps were taken for transfer of the Liberty park deed title from the City of DeKalb to the Park Board as a 10-member committee struggled to solve the controversial problem of maintenance and use of the third ward property. The move came after almost 90 minutes of wrangling between citizens of the Ellwood School-Liberty Park area, school board representatives, park board and city council members during a meeting at the School Administration Center.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

The decision by Farm & Fleet owners to leave DeKalb after accepting a $15,000 commitment from the city to save part of the store’s parking lot from a road construction project has steam coming out of city officials’ ears.

The Boy Scouts of America may be denied future funding by United Way and use of public school facilities in some cities because of the group’s now controversial policies regarding homosexuals and religion. Locally, the group still received funding from DeKalb and Genoa United Way organizations and has free use of most public-school facilities in DeKalb County.

Most DeKalb School District offices will have a new telephone prefix, “754" as of July 15, GTE officials announced. The “754" prefix will initially be adopted by the majority of the 350 phone lines of the DeKalb School District. Later, the prefix may be adopted by DeKalb businesses with 50 or more phone lines. DeKalb will have five available prefixes: “756", “758", and “748" for general use, “753" for university only and “754" for larger uses.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives

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