DeKalb launches new emergency alert system

DeKALB – A new emergency notification system is available for DeKalb residents wishing to stay informed about hazardous situations involving weather, traffic or other threats.

Alert DeKalb allows residents to send tips and complaints straight to the DeKalb Police Department by texting “67283.” The text message must begin with “AlertDeKalb,” and individuals can remain anonymous when reporting any suspicious or criminal activity.

“When authorities have information about a situation, such as storm or emergency it is important we get that information to the public and provide appropriate assistance,” Cmdr. Craig Woodruff said in a statement.

Residents can sign up for the free service at AlertDeKalb.com and receive timely alerts either by email, text or voice message. They can also choose whether to be alerted before, during or after an emergency.

DeKalb police advise anyone with a subscription to iWatch, a similar service, to replace their app with Alert DeKalb.

For information, call Woodruff at 815-748-8175

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