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Looking Back for July 5, 2017

View of the Corner of Lincoln and First Street in DeKalb, showing the Chronicle Building, Ward's Store and the Standard Service Station, circa 1935. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
View of the Corner of Lincoln and First Street in DeKalb, showing the Chronicle Building, Ward's Store and the Standard Service Station, circa 1935. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

An important business change is announced here when G. H. Deane & Co. dispose of their interests in the garage business on Second Street to R. P. Hammond and F. E. Webb of Grand Rapids, Mich. The deal has been under way for the past few days, but was not consummated until yesterday, possession to be tomorrow. Hammond and Webb are garage men of long standing and are thoroughly acquainted with the business. Their plans are to install and maintain the Overland station here handling a full line of Overland cars, accessories, etc. and giving the best possible service to Overland owners at all times.

That a transcontinental airline may dot the Lincoln Highway with stations at various cities along the highway where the cross-country flyers could alight for repairs and the replenishing of gas is an announcement of considerable interest to the citizens of DeKalb.

The Standard Oil Company's fueling station at the corner of First and Lincoln Highway is in the hands of the finishers at this time, and the building will probably be ready for occupancy in the course of the next ten days.

An engine and five cars derailed at Henrietta this morning at about 7:30 held up traffic up that way to some extent and necessitated the north bound passenger going around by way of West Chicago.

A gang of Finns up in the northeast part of DeKalb got into a melee yesterday and during the fracas one man was the victim with two others as the guilty ones. The victim's shirt was torn, and he also suffered a fracture of a thumb. The police were called to the scene and with the aid of the public safety wagon, the offenders were brought to town, and it is probably they will be assessed a stiff fine for their fun of beating up the other guy.

The larger clubs at Elva, that is, the Homemakers, the Woman's club and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union have discontinued their meeting for an indefinite period, turning their interest toward Red Cross work.

Yesterday was an important one in the history of Waterman when several thousand-people gathered there for the flag raising ceremony which has been previously announced. The member of the Grand Army of the Republic had the ceremony in charge and four of the old soldiers held the large banner, while one pulled it to the top of the staff. As the flag was being raised at the top of the staff, Company A fired 21 rounds in salute while the bugler blew the colors.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

That the employees of the several retail stores in Sycamore should enjoy a little extra time off during the warmer weather due the next two months, it was agreed by the executive committee of the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce, the stores should close at noon on Thursday through the month of August. Not only will this five the clerks an extra half day off during the week, but also will be beneficial to the store owners as well.

The rail crossing leading into the yards of the factories between Fourth and Sixth Streets, at Sixth Street is being repaired today. Of late it has become dangerous for cars of any description to use it. Many of the crossing spikes were forced out and were not safe for auto traffic.

DeKalb residents have opportunities for almost unlimited varieties in recreation during the summer months right in their own community. At this time when tires are so precious and gasoline is liable to be rationed it becomes almost impossible for a family to plan on that Sunday trip in quest of some form of amusement, picnic grounds, and other forms or recreation which are a fundamental part of summer. One of the finest parks in the northern portion of Illinois is found on the 34 acres of wooded land known as Hopkins Park on the Sycamore-DeKalb road.

It is highly probable that many of the young folks who responded to the reclaimable scrap rubber drive of the last few days, know that at one time Sycamore housed a tire factory, that for those days it was really a tire factory and thousands were disposed of to all part of the country. The factory at that time was housed in the same building as that used by the Ideal Commutator Dresser Company and known as the Marvel Tire Company.

The forty-six-star flag, which is in the possession of Mrs. Walter Schulz is on display at the McAllister store in Sycamore this week of the national holiday. Many people have followed the instruction on the small card attached, "count the stars."

The women and girls in the airplane factories of the industrial areas are going to have nothing on the fairer sex of the corn belt. Officials of the DeKalb Agricultural Association announced today that this summer several female crews will be used to help detassel their thousands of acres of hybrid seed corn scattered over 200 communities throughout the Midwest.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

East and westbound traffic near the lake at Northern Illinois University was tied up this morning for a few minutes. Rather than the usual tie-up in both directions of heavy vehicular travel, this time it was "the call of the wild", four ducks taking their morning constitutional.

Final plans for a $3,715,465 art building on the east campus of Northern Illinois University were approved by the board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities meeting on the NIU campus.

Monitoring equipment which keeps a second by second watch over a patient and can determine even more accurately than a human observer is now in use at the DeKalb Public Hospital. The cardiac monitoring equipment long a dream and need at the hospital, has been made possible through contributions of a number of DeKalb organizations and represents a total value of $20,282.16.

The tornado that touched the Glidden School lifted the roof and then set it back, but the work of repairing the structure called for considerable effort. Roof repairs included new steel girders and the buildup of a new roof coating.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

The DeKalb School Board voted for the second time to put its administration building on the selling bock, this time for a price of $100,000. The selling price for the current Fisk Avenue ad center approved is down from the $130,000 the board asked for when it put the building up for sale in January.

With a new name and several months of experience under its belt the DeKalb Community development volunteer group, formerly the DeKalb Community Task Force on Gangs, is opening doors and building bridges of communication for area youths and groups.

The Indian is gone from Somonauk Street. The bronze deer dancer which danced outside a historic Queen Anne home in Sycamore now overlooks a basketball court in West Dundee.

– Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives

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