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Looking Back for June 28, 2017

Sycamore High School, circa 1936, students in classroom. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Sycamore High School, circa 1936, students in classroom. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

William Masterson of Fairdale has had electric lights installed in his residence the work being done by a Rockford electrician.

Of late much complaint has been heard concerning the Lincoln Highway east of DeKalb, especially between Maple Park and Cortland. From what facts are obtainable it is said that the road has been plowed up, and instead of a gravel road that was in evidence there, it is now a mud road, impassable in wet weather.

In accordance with the action of the city council at the meeting of last week, the new traffic ordinance was published Saturday in The Chronicle. It will be noted that the new law calls for angle parking of cars on Lincoln Highway between First and Fourth street and the same will be in effect in a short time. In this way, the city authorities hope to eliminate all chance for accidents and at the same time allow more cars to park on Lincoln Highway during the busy season.

A field experiment station meeting will be held at the experiment field, one mile south of DeKalb on Fourth street this week. The crop supervisor will inspect the field at that time. W. G. Eckhardt, on behalf of the DeKalb County Soil Improvement Association extends an invitation to farmers and others to be present.

One of the conductors on the DeKalb-Sycamore street car line was on his way yesterday afternoon at three o’clock, ready to turn in for the day. His strong box containing tickets and money was in the rear of the car, as usual. At Sycamore, there was a crowd of youngsters taken on for an outing at Electric park. When the youngsters left the car, one of them took the strong box along, and for a time the conductor was a trifle worried. He went out to the park on the next car, and with the aid of the school ma’am recovered his property.

One of the large engines of the Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary lines jumped the track near Seventh street Tuesday and the men worked most of the night and today in efforts to get the big machine back on the rails. The rear trucks of the tender slipped off, following the rest of the engine and plowed into the ground up to the journals. The ties and rails for some 15 or 20 feet were badly damaged by the accident.

Kids of the city of DeKalb, the rough neck brand, have been at work again, and this time have stripped a house on South Second street of all possible plumbing fixtures. These young miscreants will be apprehended before long, and probably given a lesson that will not be easily nor quickly forgotten.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

Remodeling work is underway at the station, with the east side of the building being torn open. The thieves were able to climb up on a shed and enter the opening between the roof and the ceiling of the first floor and then broke the slats and plaster and dropped into the wash room.

Usually doors or windows are used, but thieves who entered the Halverson’s service station at 130 West Lincoln Highway sometime during the night used a new system. Entrance was gained by coming through the ceiling of the men’s wash room.

Bicyclists who have acquired the practice of speeding down State Street to an eating establishment on the west side of the street, will do well to keep from speeding down that hill that leads to California. Police Chief George Meiers said yesterday he was going to keep an eye open for these lads and while there will be no arrests made, for the first offense at least, the boys will be cautioned about their fast riding on the sidewalks.

If you, and you, and you, read the caution signs which have been painted on the sidewalks about Sycamore in the business section in a safety-first campaign, can say the three words quickly and correctly, you should receive a medal. The warnings in the center of the blocks are the ones to which this statement refers. “Cross Crossings Cautiously,” when you attempt to say it quickly, will turn out to be a tongue twister, but it is possible city officials selected such words to get the slogan talked about, and thus breaking up the habit of so many who cross the street at other places than the intersections.

The new motor vehicle use stamps which went on sale Wednesday at the DeKalb Post Office are for all types of motor propelled devices. Each owner of a vehicle, whether automobile, truck, scooter, or small motor driven vehicle or motorcycle, must pay the tax.

Mrs. D. O. Underwood, at a meeting of the Thirty-Third Division club held in the Legion rooms was presented with an emblem she is proud to wear and show her many friends. The award was made by Mayor Frank Ashelford of Sycamore, in recognition of Mrs. Underwood’s four sons in service of the United States against the Axis.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

Are there weeds on your property? Or maybe your car is parked a bit longer than the sign allows. Watch out, because the Sycamore Police Department has been advised by Mayor Johnson to crack down on these and other violations.

Operators of light boats and canoes on the Kishwaukee River in the northern part of DeKalb County were given a word of warning by Sheriff Melvin W. Shaw. The warning was simple, “don’t cut the fences across the river.” Sheriff Shaw has received complaints from farmers living astride the Kishwaukee River that boys in canoes had used wire cutters to cut the barbed wire across the river at fence lines.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

While the Richard Ordonez murder case may be legally over, the aftermath of the shooting will linger for some time. Ordonez, a 17-year-old from Chicago Heights, was sentenced to 27 ½ years in a state prison after he pleaded guilty to the August 17, 1991 first-degree murder of Brent Cooper of Sycamore. The shooting happened near the DeKalb County Courthouse.

President Bush is joining the biggest summit on Earth, mingling with presidents, kings, and prime ministers in an effort to reclaim the initiative on world environmental protection.

New coach Darryl Sutter says the Chicago Blackhawks are running out of time to win the Stanley Cup they came within four games of claiming this year.

– Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives

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