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Looking Back for May 17, 2017

DeKalb Roller Mills, Joseph F. Glidden proprietor, at Second and Locust street in DeKalb, 1890. Also known as the flour mill. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
DeKalb Roller Mills, Joseph F. Glidden proprietor, at Second and Locust street in DeKalb, 1890. Also known as the flour mill. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

Several hundred school youngsters of all sizes were at the depot this morning to watch the circus train unload, and many of them were at the Seventh street crossing at six o’clock. Imagine their long faces when the 8:36 train pulled into the station and still no circus train. The officers at the depot dispatched them all to school at 8:45, with the exception of perhaps a half dozen who made themselves absent until the train pulled in, and were then Johnny-on-the-spot.

Although the circus parade was scheduled to go through the downtown streets at 11:00 o’clock and it did not put in an appearance until two hours later, there was a large crowd on the street to view the fancy wagons, animals and clowns.

A car of coal going through there sometime during the night sprung a leak somewhere along the line and there was a great quantity of the fuel scattered along the railroad tracks through DeKalb. The train stopped here and at this place several hundred pounds were lost. Some of the coal was picked up during the early morning hours when there were no railroad men around to stop such procedure.

Residents our West Lincoln Highway in DeKalb spied a man lying in the grass last night about 6:30 and immediately sent in a call for the ambulance wagon, thinking the man might have been injured. It was found that the victim was one of booze and not an accident and he had curled around a tree alongside the road to rest for a time. He was well under the influence of liquor and it was necessary to life him into the $8.60 wagon in order to get him back to town.

John McCann of the news stand is feeling just a trifle peeved today owing to the fact that someone stole his bicycle last night and he has yet been unable to locate the guilty party or the wheel. McCann says that he would not have blamed a man for running away with a roll of money, but when it comes to stealing a bicycle especially from such a business as his, he thinks he is entitled to be peeved.

It is generally recognized in Third Regiment national guard circles now that DeKalb stands a very good chance of losing the Third Regiment band and that Sycamore is very likely to get it. Just as present the band has no leader as Zeigner Swanson became disgusted with things and asked for his discharge which was granted. This at present leaves the band without any leader and in a rather disorganized condition.

The police department was called on this morning to take care of a dog in the foreign section of the city. The officer giving attention to the call found that the inhabitant believed his house to be haunted as each night at the stipulated time, some person or animal would come to the house, and create a disturbance. The foreigner stood it as long as he could and last night remained up for the night, armed with a shot gun. About 9:30 a dog put in an appearance and the shot gun soon put an end to the ghost. However, the foreigner still believes in ghosts and proposes to move at once.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

Incendiary bombs have been received in DeKalb to be used in demonstrations in the various classes of training in the Civilian Defense Council work. It is expected that there will be a demonstration for the auxiliary policemen this evening if the weather permits and there will also be one for the air wardens on Friday night.

Cutting a section of window pane and reaching through the hole to unlock the door thieves gained entrance to the Cortland Grain and Lumber Company’s office in Cortland last night and walked out with the cash register. Loss in money will run about $20, but the disappearance of a number of papers valuable to the firm, plus all the keys to the trucks and locks at the place and the damage to the cash register will run the figure into a much higher bracket.

The ration periods for the first four sugar rationing stamps were announced this morning by the DeKalb Rationing Board. The stamps will be honored by any dealer throughout the country but each stamp must be used during the designated period or it will be worthless.

Mrs. Rose Phelps, county nurse, hasn’t been mentioned in the press for some time because she has been so busy she hasn’t been in her court house office for weeks. All of a sudden yesterday she appeared and had a most encouraging health story. She reports that she has been working in the immunization and vaccination program among DeKalb county children. She states that the response and cooperation is the best she has ever encountered.

Recently the Blue Lodge Masons of Sycamore met in regular session. It was a routine gathering of this prominent lodge and there wasn’t much in the way of current lodge news for the press, but in talking things over a member casually mentioned how old this interesting Sycamore organization is. It is believed to be the oldest active lodge in Sycamore.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

In recent years, there has been great interest in the development of coronary care units. Since the fear of “heart attack” strikes at most people the call for research work, development of the monitoring equipment and techniques has been constantly increasing. Such a program has been carried out at the DeKalb Public Hospital. Several gifts have helped make it possible for DeKalb Public Hospital to purchase the necessary equipment to establish a cardiac care unit on the third floor west. A gift of $11,000 from the Haish Memorial Hospital Corporation was the largest.

DeKalb Community Fire District, authorized last month by a referendum, has been officially organized and trustees appointed by the courts. The Board now is ready to confer with DeKalb City officials on a contract for fire protection.

U.S. forces suffered a record-tying 274 men killed and a near record 1,748 wounded in Vietnam combat last week. Most of them fell near the North-South Vietnam border where Marines smashed elite Communist forces trying to push south.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

If construction plans for Peace Road proceed as scheduled, drivers may be able to use the road later this year to avoid congestion on Sycamore Road.

A wayward satellite and the nation’s newest space shuttle are hurtling toward a weekend rendezvous today in a bold NASA mission to pluck the satellite from a useless orbit and put it to work.

Balloons, streamers and many happy faces welcomed home two Southeast School third graders after their eight-day stay in Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. The students were taken to Lutheran General following the field trip accident at O’Hare airport. To celebrate, students and parents, with the help of Sycamore’s Moose Club, threw a homecoming party complete with pizza, pop, and cake.

– Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb
County Archives

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