Wicking receives 4-C Friend of the Child Award

Pam Wicking is the 2017 recipient of the Friend of the Child Award, presented by 4-C: Community Coordinated Child Care.

In 1989, 4-C established the award to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals and organizations that have truly made a difference in the lives of young children.

Wicking received the honor at the 4-C annual meeting on April 11.

In presenting the award, Susan Petersen, executive director of 4-C, highlighted Wicking’s exemplary dedication and leadership in the early care and education field both at the local and state level. Wicking has dedicated her professional life to supporting state and federal policies, community systems and forward-thinking initiatives that support access of quality affordable child care for all children.

One of her nominees stated, “She truly does what it takes to get the job done – all to raise the quality of care for children. She stands for respect, equality, courage, fairness, wisdom and compassion just for starters.”

Another nominee stated, “What a privilege it was to work with her. No matter how busy she was, she continually volunteered for additional responsibilities in the interest of helping children and families. She is relentless in her advocating for strong policies that benefit children and families. The level of energy she exhibits to further 4-C’s mission is certainly one to be admired and lifted as a model for staff.”

Additionally, both nominees stated another of Wicking’s attributes is the unselfish manner in which she has made innumerable and huge contributions to children, the families and the child care providers we serve. Both agree that 4-C is a stronger agency because Wicking chose to devote 20 years of her career to enhancing the services the agency offers to ensure that all children have what they need to grow up healthy, happy and ready to succeed in school and life.

When presenting the award, Petersen said Wicking has dedicated her career to ensuring that children received the education and services they need to thrive. She is a true champion for children, she said.

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