Northern Rehab physical therapists attend 3-day course

Todd Vanatta and Liza Piper
Todd Vanatta and Liza Piper

Todd Vanatta and Liza Piper, physical therapists at Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists, recently attended a course in Milwaukee on FMT Foundations.

The three-day course focused on learning current literature and evidence for screening for emergent issues, urgent and otherwise throughout the spinal region. In the course they worked on advanced palpation skills and clinical reasoning and decision making, and developing reliable diagnostic methods.

Vanatta and Piper work at Northern Rehab’s Genoa location.

They approach each case on an individual basis, assessing the person as a whole to find all of the contributing factors to restore full, efficient function.

They use a combination of advanced manual therapy techniques, re-education to the effected muscles and exercise. They treat all orthopedic cases and are accepting new patients.

For information, call Northern Rehab at 815-784-6417.

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