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Looking Back for March 22, 2017

The administrative staff of the I.L. Ellwood Manufacturing Company poses on the front steps of the factory in 1891. Isaac Ellwood is the man with the cane. His son, Will is on Isaac’s right. Thanks the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.
The administrative staff of the I.L. Ellwood Manufacturing Company poses on the front steps of the factory in 1891. Isaac Ellwood is the man with the cane. His son, Will is on Isaac’s right. Thanks the Ellwood House Museum for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

As one travels over beautiful DeKalb county and notes the prosperity everywhere, the thrifty cities and villages with their luxurious homes, fine schools, churches and other public buildings, and sees the rich, highly improved farms, he is assured that here, in this county, the people have advanced far beyond the primitive conditions which confronted the residents of the county when there was a wild country to subdue and the people were poor, and that the people here are now able to occupy themselves with finer things that go to make life still more worth living.

G. W. Ault, who came into possession of half interest in the Dan Hohm farm in Kirkland a short time ago through a trade, has sold his interest to Mr. Hohm. This makes Dan full owner of one of the most desirable farms in northern DeKalb County and he intends to make it his permanent home.

The annual meeting of the Mayfield Cemetery Association will be held on Thursday at 2 o’clock at the church. The ladies will serve dinner in the church basement at noon.

John Sullivan of Henrietta, who has been in the employ of the C. & N. W. Railway Co. the past 35 years or more as section foreman, had his right leg broken just above the ankle last week while on duty unloading ties near Herbert.

The Foy brothers of Sycamore and their families will soon move from the Mrs. Floyd Hix dwelling on East High street to the Waterman Hall farm. Mr. Swanson and family will leave this farm as soon as they find a suitable place in town.

Mrs. George Adee is spending the winter with her son John Adee and family at Johnstown, Pa. In writing of her son’s work, she said that as superintendent of schools he had 10,000 pupils, 300 teachers and 26 buildings to attend to and was at his work all day, reading and studying all the evening. Prof. Adee was superintendent of schools in Sycamore some 16 years ago, and has been promoted several times since.

We have the reputation of having the best popcorn in the town of Sycamore. We get orders from other towns and even from other states. Try some and judge for yourself. Ludwig, Nelson & Irish.

On Saturday, National Orange Day, Winders & Co. will give away to everyone over 10 years of age, a Sunkist orange.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

All Sycamore people interested in directly aiding the war program by helping to produce foodstuffs vital to health are invited to attend the organization meeting of the Sycamore Victory Garden club.

Road and bridge building in DeKalb county will have to be halted until after the war. Because of priorities, which prohibit the use of vital materials for building unless it is necessary to life or safety, any road construction program will have to wait until the day when such materials will again become available.

Miss Lillie Austin, patriotic instructor of the Woman’s Relief Corps, No. 18 of Sycamore, presented the Sycamore Community High School pupils with some patriotic literature consisting of instructions for displaying our flag, also the history of our creed, together with a picture of Lincoln, and a printed copy of the Gettysburg address.

The Singer Sewing Machine Co. of DeKalb has loaned to the Clare Red Cross ladies, for the duration, a used sewing machine, for which the ladies are grateful.

The re-dedication of the Kirkland Methodist church was observed on Sunday. That day will long be remembered by all and has climaxed a long period of hope and purposeful endeavor toward this accomplishment by the people of Kirkland, whom this church has served throughout the years.

Miss Esther Mae Nesbitt of Sycamore is now a member of the Chicago unit of the Civil Air Patrol which has military training each week in Evanston and is made up of private patrols flying from Sky Harbor airport northwest of Evanston. Miss Nesbitt has had previous training this winter, at San Antonio, Texas.

Mrs. Henry Beard observed her ninetieth birthday at her home on North avenue on Sunday. Mrs. Beard graciously welcomed many callers during the day and also received many beautiful flowers and gifts from her friends. Mrs. Beard is an entertaining visitor and can tell many interesting experiences of her young life as a slave.

Natural gas will be turned into the gas mains of Sycamore about March 23, according to Superintendent H. S. Best of the Illinois Northern Utilities Company. To facilitate the change-over, the city gas distribution mains have been divided into two sections and natural gas will be introduced into one section at a time.

“Due to the increase, I the consumption of green pack canned foods in the past year”, said J. W. Thuma, superintendent of the Sycamore Preserve Works Corporation, in an interview today, “this will necessitate an increase output of all green vegetables to be canned this season.”

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

Oh, how one word can change the meaning of the whole sentence. Due to an error, yesterday while typing the story concerning the City Council meeting the previous night, the word “now” was substituted for “not” and was overlooked. The error occurred in the following sentence, which should have read: “Prior to the approval of the ordinance (no parking), Councilman Clifford Hunt pointed out that the no parking ordinance is (not) directly aimed at the university students in this area but that it affects both the mayor and one of the councilmen.”

DeKalb increased its goal from $140,000 to $325,000 and intensified its efforts in Springfield for state funds to pay the city’s portion of the proposed Annie Glidden Road extension and underpass.

For the first time since the tragedy at Cape Kennedy newsmen look inside the Apollo death ship. The craft is being dismantled in search of the cause of the fire that took the lives of astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

The U.S. Agriculture Department is dispersing 31 million sterilized screwworm flies a week over three Mexican states infested with the parasite. It also has told border inspectors to increase surveillance of animals entering the United States from Mexico and is alerting ranchers along the border of the possibility of screwworm infested animals arriving.

The 30-40 Ridge drive area residents who came to the Monday DeKalb City Council meeting to protest the extension of Ridge Drive and criticize the city’s alleged lack of communication left the council chambers not knowing whether or not the road will go through. First, the council must decide if the road should be extended to Annie Glidden Road, and second, how should access points be allowed along Annie Glidden Road.

Police in three communities along with the Chicago area Secret Service office are investigating an apparent rash of counterfeit bills being passed to local merchants.

– Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives

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