Sycamore family appears in Menards short film commercial

SYCAMORE – Michelle and Ryan Knox of Sycamore, whose post and pictures of a monogram cedar planter box went viral last summer, are now TV stars – almost.

The Knox family and their décor, design and DIY business, Ellery Designs, were featured in the Menards short film series, “Make It With Menards.” The one-and-a-half minute Menards commercial will appear streaming online before other videos. The advertisement, released March 3, already has more than 1,645 views on YouTube.

Their post and pictures of how to build a monogram cedar planter box has been pinned nearly 170,000 times on Pinterest and has been shared more than 158,000 times on Facebook. Ellery Designs now has more than 27,300 followers on Instagram.

The short film for Menards was shot in Sycamore on Sept. 20, taking 14 hours to complete filming and interviewing.

“We were at Menards in the morning for two or three hours, we came back home, interviewed for about two and then built a planter,” Michelle Knox said. “We were excited to see how it came together. We didn’t know what would be in the final cut.”

The couple’s daughter, 7-year-old Camryn, was featured in the commercial and is shown shopping at Menards with her parents early in the morning and helping them build the planter after coming home from school.

“I love that it focuses on our family and how we like to be creative together,” Michelle Knox said. “We are the first and only family featured in the short film series. It’s a video about being a maker and working together as a family.”

Ellery Designs has teamed up with Proven Winners out of Sycamore to make and sell a smaller version of the monogram planter. The half-scale, 2-by-2-foot planter will be available for purchase through Proven Winners’ website,, and can be pre-ordered on Ellery Designs’ website,

“We will create the monogram planters in all 26 letters,” Ryan Knox said. “The designs are 100 percent ours. It’s for anyone who enjoys planting flowers and gardening. We’re looking forward to growing our business and collaborating with more companies and brands.”

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