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Looking Back for Feb. 15, 2017

The Malta Hotel on the Main Street of town was known formerly as Orient House in 1903. This building burned in 1932. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
The Malta Hotel on the Main Street of town was known formerly as Orient House in 1903. This building burned in 1932. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

M. P. Anderson this week moved to his new location in the Williamson building in DeKalb, and in order to get the people acquainted with his new store, offered a few specials. The grocer said that it was the biggest day he had ever experienced in all his years of being a grocer. The store closed up last evening about eight o’clock, on account of those working there being completely worked out.

The kids have made raids on the various stores of the city of DeKalb the past few days, and the marble stock has taken a jump. Nearly every kid seen on the street has a pocket full of mibs, and after school hours can be seen several aggregations of youngsters on bended knee endeavoring to get the connies of the other fellows.

A Milan farmer started out for DeKalb this morning when his car backfired and caught afire. Deane’s garage was called and McConn and Riegard with Captain Wall of the fire station went out with fire extinguishers. By the time they arrived on the scene the fire was out and one wire was found to be burned and that was the extent of the damage. The car was brought to the local garage for minor repairs.

The men of Waterman are now at work in the village building lines, etc., for the electric light system. They will set no date when Waterman will get power as they are so frequently delayed from lack of material.

Passengers waiting at the depot in DeKalb this morning had the pleasure of seeing one commodity used daily take a drop – but not in price. The 9:05 train west bound arrived at the station and unloaded a couple cans of milk, some ink and some other articles. The truck man started to turn around and the truck tipped over, spilling one can of milk, and also breaking the bottles of ink. The boys up around the depot were having considerable sport with the truck man as a result of the accident.

Corey & Son who operate the tire shop on North Third Street in DeKalb have just completed the installation of new machinery for tire vulcanizing. The business in this line has increased by bounds and jumps with the Corey’s, and they have secured the services of another man in order to get the work out when wanted.

DeKalb and vicinity folk must be very healthy just now for not a new patient has the city hospital had in three days. Generally the place is overly crowded but just now the institution is comfortable busy.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

County Clerk Earle W. Joiner today received 41,000 applications for sugar war ration books. Although exact instructions have not been received, it is the understanding of the county clerk that the applications received today will be placed in the hands of a school teacher, who will have charge of compiling the information which will be secured thought the blanks. The blank is an application for a sugar rationing book, it is understood.

Climaxing a period of several months of remodeling operations, the Wirtz Funeral Home is being visited by a large number of residents of this community as it holds its formal opening. The formal opening of the modern funeral home, one of the most attractive a home-like is appearance in this community, is being held over a period of three days.

Oats covered the intersection of Oak and Sixth Street in DeKalb this morning around 9:00 o’clock when a trailer loaded with the farm product tipped over after being involved in an accident.

The Red Cross sewing center located in the Ellwood School in DeKalb will be open on Thursday afternoon only. The sewing center located on the second floor of the Chronicle building is open every afternoon.

Students of the DeKalb Township High School, working under the general direction of Edward Lindgren, member of the faculty, head of the Industrial Arts Department, have set up an organization and started actual construction work on 100 model airplanes that have been requested by the government. The models will be taken to training centers of the nation’s armed forces and because they are exact in scale they will provide valuable in being used for identification of various types of planes.

Fire Chief Charles Butzow and his department have completed the work of rejuvenating the chief’s headquarters and barrack room. All the place needs now are some picture of old time Sycamore fire apparatus and firemen. If anyone has such pictures the chief would be pleased with a loan of them to enable him to have copies made.

Approximately one-third of the population of DeKalb County, based on the 1940 census, is rural.

David MacKain of Cortland received first place in the WLS show at Sycamore held recently. He is to have a trip to Chicago, and will be given an opportunity to sing all over the Saturday afternoon WLS radio hour, as his prize for being the winning contestant.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

Careless motorists contribute heavily to what has been described as this nation’s number one “teenage crime,” according to Police Chief Victor Sarich of DeKalb. The term of “teenage crime” was applied to the stealing of cars by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its Uniform Crime Reports. The agency reported that 88 percent of individual arrested for car theft were under age 25 and that more that 50 percent were under 18 years of age.

Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the Pierce Evangelical United Brethren Church on Owens Road. Earl Pritchard, a farmer who lives nearby, was plowing the road with his tractor when he noticed smoke coming from the roof.

District Atty. Jim Garrison trained his sights today on an apparent major inconsistency in the death hour of a man he planned to arrest in a probe of President Kennedy’s assassination. David Ferrie, a former Eastern Airlines pilot, was found dead in his apartment.

Sycamore Coupon Days will be held Friday and Saturday, it was announced by Sycamore Chamber of Commerce Retail Division. Featured in the event are Chronicle Coupons which offer specific retail bargains. In order for the bargains to be obtained, shoppers must present the coupons at the time of purchase.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

The Olympic torch, kindled by the sun in Olympia, Greece, passes from runner to runner in an international relay that links the site of the ancient games, 2,768 years ago to the modern Olympics. The flame that traveled the longest Olympic run in history – 12,000 miles – started its journey in Sycamore. The Olympic committee selected Turner-Cooper, a Sycamore propane product manufacturer, to engineer the torch for the 23rd Olympiad in 1984.

Cobblestone Court is one of several cul-de-sacs in DeKalb’s new Heritage Ridge subdivision. The area is currently being developed and is under scrutiny by city officials because the residents there want on-street parking but city restriction says the cul-de-sacs are too narrow.

Attention Kmart customers, the blue light will be blinking in Sycamore as the organization celebrates its 30th anniversary with live music, fashion shows, prizes, clowns, contests and blue light specials every 15 minutes.

– Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives

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