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Looking Back for Feb. 8, 2016

The Kirkland Branch, DeKalb County Chapter of the American Red Cross were known for their all-day knitting classes. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
The Kirkland Branch, DeKalb County Chapter of the American Red Cross were known for their all-day knitting classes. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

A lady, waiting for the Sterling train climbed aboard the Spring Valley train this morning, rather than wait inside the depot, and before the train arrived, gave the people a scare for a second. The Sterling train was late and the Spring Valley train started to the local chutes for coal and water while waiting, and the lady thought the train was leaving, and started to get off. She fell, bur fortunately she was on the last car, and the train was not going fast. However, it is safe to say that she received several bruises, as she fell hard.

Will Myers and Pete Larson of Cortland are filling the ice house from the Myers pond. The ice is about a foot thick and is fine.

The coal situation in DeKalb is tighter right now than it has been for some time, especially as to coke and hard coal. There is a fairly good supply of soft coal but hardly a wagon load or so of the other varieties. One local coal merchant informs The Chronicle that he has only half a ton in his own cellar and not a pound of coke in the yard. Others are also hard up for coal to supply their customers. Another manager of a coke concern states that he will be having to use soft coal in his own house furnace within another day.

Andrew Spickerman of Malta had just purchased a new Ford car, and in fact had just been taught how to successfully operate the machine. Yesterday morning early someone came along, tired of walking and knowing the Mr. Spickerman had a new car, broke into the barn and started out with the car. Neighbors heard the car leaving the barn, but did not pay any attention to it until later when the alarm was spread.

The slush which resulted from Sunday’s snow and rain storm froze during the night and caused the railroads a great deal of trouble, in addition to causing inconvenience to all pedestrians. The slush froze in switches in the railroad yards making it necessary for section men to pick out the ice before the switch trains could get to work. The engine of the Sterling passenger left the rails because of the ice as it was being taken out of the roundhouse at Sterling Monday morning and as a result was 30 minutes late leaving the terminus.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

There were more than 2,500 books collected in DeKalb on Saturday in a drive sponsored by the Friend of the Library Association. These books will be sorted, equipped with pickets and library cards, and then sent to various Army camps and Navy training stations throughout the nation.

County Clerk E. W. Joiner has been given another duty – and another title – it is learned today. He has been named “explosive license agent” for DeKalb County. In his new job Mr. Joiner will investigate applications for the purchase of gun powders, powders for blasting, high explosives, detonators, fuses, and the like. The prospective user of high explosives must get a license from Mr. Joiner before he can make the purchase.

The combined experience of thousands of Illinois farmers who have kept records and who have had them summarized by the University of Illinois College of Agriculture are reflected in a new record book to be released to DeKalb county record keepers during farm account schools at DeKalb.

Women of South Grove Township are planning to form a Red Cross Chapter, and a sewing bee is to be held next Tuesday.

E. G. Hoffman, Sycamore contractor, has resumed his destruction project at the Fargo annex located on the southeast corner of State and California Streets across from the Fargo hotel. The two upper floors of the building are to be removed. It has not been learned whether any remodeling will be done to the first floor but judging from the rumors an extensive construction job is in the offing for not only that corner building but the damaged buildings east of it.

No accurate count has been kept of the number of Sycamore young men who have entered some form of service of interest to Uncle Sam in the past several years, but a guess in interesting. It is estimated that about 200 are now serving on the sea or land in places near and far from here.

The Kirkland Red Cross held an all-day knitting class at the home of Mrs. Frank Moore.

Something akin to a miracle occurred yesterday in Sycamore when a truck and car collided at the intersection of exchange and California Streets near Central Grade School. Robert Hubbard escaped injury in spite of the fact that his car was made ready for the scrap iron heap for a future battleship. The Sycamore man was east bound in Exchange. At the same instant Gunnar Nelson of DeKalb was north bound on California Street driving a gravel truck. The two vehicles collided with a great crash. The truck was slightly damaged. The Hubbard care was bent all out of shape; a wheel knocked off, and shoved into the curbing.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

DeKalb County in its 1966 effort for the Christian Rural Overseas Program again topped the state of Illinois according to word from the heard office in Springfield. The state surpassed its previous year’s effort by over $7,000 and DeKalb County with $12,420 in corn and cash contributions led the state of Illinois.

The Youth Center in Somonauk which opened approximately a year ago has been moved to a new location. It is now located in the building formerly occupied by Mrs. McNutt’s dry goods store. The new quarters projects a more cozy atmosphere with curtains at the front windows and a rug and furniture. The pool table, shuffleboards and ping pong are located to the back of the building.

The Uptown Restaurant, 142 N. 2nd, was broken into Thursday evening; however, the burglars only received $5 for their trouble. Reports show, entry was gained by breaking a rear window below an exhaust fan. A file cabinet was rifled in the office then the cash drawer opened and the $5 taken. The burglars left by the front door.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

A recent decision by the DeKalb Park District board to take the operations of the Ellwood House from the volunteer association that has run it for 25 years has sparked a controversy that may jeopardize the future of the museum.

• Compiled by the Joiner History Room,

DeKalb County Archives.

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