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Looking Back for Feb. 1, 2017

Looking east along the Chicago & North Western railroad track at the back of the DeKalb Ice Company and John Conlin elevator in 1949. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
Looking east along the Chicago & North Western railroad track at the back of the DeKalb Ice Company and John Conlin elevator in 1949. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.

1917 – 100 YEARS AGO

In the men’s waiting room at the depot in DeKalb there is a penny slot gum machine and this morning when the day force got on the job, it was found that the machine had been broken and about $1.50 had been stolen. Officer Rowe got on the job and says he has the guilty party located, and it is probably that he will receive a reprimand for the petty theft.

Sheriff James Scott was over from Sycamore on a little business and incidentally told of the capture the forepart of the week of several car thieves. Sheriff Scott says that at this time he has twelve prisoners, and may have more before long as he has the room for them, and there are a number of people that the authorities are watching rather closely and unless they change their ways will be taken into custody.

Fred M. Warchus of Cortland has purchased the City Steam Laundry and is now in possession. The new proprietor tells us that he will secure competent help and with added machinery and appliance will place this laundry in a foremost place.

Dan and Pete, two of the old fire horses, recently sold by the city were seen on the streets this afternoon. The old horses do not look as sleek as when they were on the wagons but at second glance were recognizable.

Several of the business and professional men up and down the street went to Ballou’s bowling alleys yesterday afternoon and rolled several games at the expense of the house. It is probably that another day will be set aside by the proprietor for the privilege of the men along the highway.

Several times today it has been noticed that kids jumping bobs, which of course is the winters delight, have caused more than one autoist to use the emergency brake and stop inside of a short distance. The youngsters would be riding one sleigh and another would pass going the other way and they would jump off and start after the other one, oftentimes running directly in front of the approaching auto. Parents should warn their boys to be careful of this practice, as many of the cars in use here in the city are heavy and would break bones in a boy’s arm or leg very easily should they happen to fall while crossing in front of them.

The Sycamore high school pupils will occupy the new school building beginning next Monday. The public will be invited to inspect the building the following Sunday.

1942 – 75 YEARS AGO

Charles Aves received word that his son Willard was killed at Pearl Harbor on December 7th. The war department has previously reported Willard as missing and his friends and relatives had felt that he was gone because he had been on duty on the U. S. S. Arizona as a fireman. His father and sisters have the sincerest sympathy of this community as everyone feels he too has had a loss.

Three of the rural high schools in DeKalb County, the Malta Township High School, the Lee high school and the Shabbona high school, will hold classes six days a week the remainder of the school year. By holding classes through Saturday of each week for the rest of the present year the school year can be shortened approximately three weeks and classes will be dismissed for the year sometime between May 6 and May 9.

The A. R. Bagwill flooring and window share firm on California Street is rapidly taking on the aspects of a factory. This week a pair of new machines arrived there such as have never before been seen in Sycamore. They are designed for making up window shared a la tailor.

Bygone sites in DeKalb include the blacksmith shop in the 300 block where P.W. Vaughan pounded out many of the devices that improved Uncle Joe’s barbed wire machine. The anvil on which he worked was the first to come into this territory and it now serves as a headstone on his grave in Evergreen Cemetery.

Books, over 2,500 of them, were collected in a drive sponsored by the Friends of the Library, in order to provide reading matter for the boys in army camps and naval training stations throughout the country.

Warning!!! Lock you bicycle inside your garage or home. A bike stealing blitz is believed started. Sycamore Police reported that three bicycles were stolen from two front porches within a few blocks of one another Thursday night.

Members of the Knit-A-Bit club have established an enviable record in knitting for Red Cross needs. At the present time every member of the club has completed at least one sweater and Mrs. John McClenahan leads the membership with thirteen completed and turned in.

1967 – 50 YEARS AGO

Colorado Civil Air Patrol planes searched the snow-swept Rocky mountains today for Charles Darfler, 40, and his son, Charles Jr., 15, both of Sandwich, Donald Darfler and his daughter, Deanna, whose private plane disappeared. The party was en route from Denver to Aspen, Colo., on a skiing expedition, leaving Denver early Friday morning, but never arriving at Aspen.

A new mark in public spirited enthusiasm was established last night when 650 volunteer workers attended a dinner meeting at the University Center to officially launch the Kishwaukee Family YMCA new building fund campaign.

Chief Shabbona Council and Kedeka Council of the Boy Scouts of America disappeared last night in a meeting of over 100 Scout leaders at the University Center in DeKalb. Emerging from the meeting was a brand new council, the Two Rivers Council, Boy Scouts of America, which will embrace the two previous councils and create a unified organization incorporating all of DeKalb and Kendall counties and 10 townships of Kane County.

Chemotherapy, which was first hailed for its ability to bring tuberculosis under control, is also helping to reduce the risk of infection in the treatment of TB patients, according to the Tuberculosis Association of Kane, DeKalb, and Kendall counties.

1992 – 25 YEARS AGO

The Genoa-Kingston School Board delayed acceptance of bids for its proposed 20-machine computer lab due in part to state funding shortages.

The state has released long-awaited funds for expansion of the Kishwaukee College library. The college learned Wednesday that $1.4 million for library expansion plans – first approved by lawmakers in 1989.

A recent decision by the DeKalb Park District board to take the operation of the Ellwood House from the volunteer association that has run it for 25 years has sparked a controversy that may jeopardize the future of the museum.

The budget compromise that took away $2.59 million in state funding to Northern Illinois University also cut money slated this year for student financial aid and faculty pensions.

– Compiled by the Joiner History Room, DeKalb County Archives.

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