Local HEA helps light classrooms in Tanzania

When the DeKalb County Homemaker’s Education Association learned that the students at the Nyegina Secondary School in Tanzania had to take turns studying at night, because only one classroom was lighted, they united behind a plan to provide assistance.  

Northern Illinois University’s Engineers without Boarders had installed solar panels on one classroom and the boys and girls were taking turns using that room. Most electricity in that area is generated by water power and lack of rain is a problem. Solar panels provide an answer. So the women dedicated themselves to earmarking funds from Women Walk the World and individual donations to finance the panels for another classroom.

Solar panels save operating costs for the school since purchased power is very expensive. The panels also provide a backup source of electricity for all purposes when the power grid fails, as it frequently does. Headmaster Luzangi says the new panels are working well, allowing all students to study from 7 to 10 p.m. every evening. 

This project was completed with the cooperation of Tanzania Development Support and Engineers without Boarders. The DeKalb County Homemaker’s will continue to work with others to better the lives of women and families around the world.

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