Webinars teach young adults about wise finance choices

Understanding available financial tools, how to use credit wisely, and investment strategies can help minimize debt and increase wealth.

These and other money-management strategies will be presented in six free “Get $avvy: Grow Your Green Stuff” webinars, designed especially for the challenges faced by college students and young adults.

“Young adults need a quality, unbiased financial education to help them establish strong financial roots,” said University of Illinois Extension consumer economics educator Kathy Sweedler, who is coordinating the webinars. “Although this is true of adults at all ages, it’s especially true for those who have tried to enter the job force since the Great Recession. They’re up against high unemployment rates and saddled with significant student loan debt. The Project on Student Debt reported that the average amount of debt was $28,028.”

Registration is available at Individuals can register for one webinar or all six and attend from any computer with Internet access. All six webinars will be offered on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. 

Dates and topics are:

• Sept. 16: “Establishing your Roots”

Explore the merits of financial tools such as a checking accounts, prepaid cards, debit cards, savings accounts, or a combination.

• Oct. 21: “Staying on Good Terms with Credit”

Learn how to choose the best credit cards and loans and how to avoid common debt mistakes.

• Nov. 11: “Steps Toward Investing”

Stocks, bonds, IRAs and other investing adventures.

Jan. 27: “Life Transitions”

Financial tools to help proactively manage life changes, such as moving, relationships, and new jobs.

Feb. 24: “Job Benefits”

Job benefits, such as retirement plans and health care, can significantly change an individual’s net worth. Learn how to make the most of the options.

April 21: “Love Your Loan”

Student loans can be confusing, and many repayment options exist. This webinar will explore some of the choices.

The webinars are hosted by University of Illinois Extension and University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operation’s Student Money Management Center.

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