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Looking Back: Aug. 20, 2014

From 1868 until 1887, the East Paw Paw Classical Seminary and Teacher’s Institute in East Paw Paw was a place of higher learning which went beyond the normal eighth grade education of the day. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.
From 1868 until 1887, the East Paw Paw Classical Seminary and Teacher’s Institute in East Paw Paw was a place of higher learning which went beyond the normal eighth grade education of the day. Thanks to the Joiner History Room for the photo.


August 21, 1889

John L. Sullivan got a sentence of one year in jail for prize fighting in Mississippi.

Mr. I.L. Ellwood of DeKalb on Monday made arrangements for the transfer of his barb wire business in that city to the great wire manufacturers Washburn, Moen & Co. of Worchester, Mass. ...This wealthy eastern wire concern will close the DeKalb factory, using the building for a storage house.

Mr. A.W. Sawyer is engaged in advocating the locating of the World’s Fair of 1892 in Chicago. ...Owing to the fact that Chicago wants it so very much, Sycamore has made no effort to secure the location of the World’s Fair here.

Morrison is infested with ungodly chicken thieves. These sacriligeous villains lately stole every chicken from Rev. S.W. Skinner.

“Shoot anyone who bothers you,” a man said to his wife on presenting her with a shotgun. She followed his advice, and now he has a bad wound.

California fruit-growers who used to throw away their peach pits now get $6 a ton for them for fuel. They make a hot and aromatic fire.


August 19, 1914

Sycamore’s new photo show, the Court Theater, on the corner near the post office, is nearly completed and presents quite a showy appearance in red, white and green, with its modern theater front.

The Panama Canal, which will be opened soon to the traffic of the world, is the greatest canal in size, cost, and the benefits which will be derived.

In his farewell address to the people of this country, Gen. Washington warned them to beware of and avoid entangling alliances with European nations. ...Never was the wisdom of Washington’s advice more clearly shown than now, when every nation in Europe is entangled in an unholy war.

Although it is not our war, it seems that we are to be taxed for it. The American government will be short a large part of its income from the imports on which our customs revenue depend. It is intimated that the Democrats will make it up from an increase in the income tax.

There is nothing about which civilized nations are quite so sensitive as the courtesy due to their national flags. A deliberate insult to a flag will bring even the most patient of nations to a boiling point.

Wyoming Bill’s Wild West Show arrived in Sycamore Tuesday morning. They gave an interesting parade, which included an old Deadwood stage coach and a tribe of Indians from Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota.

A pier at Lake Geneva collapsed Thursday while 300 people were waiting to board a boat. One hundred of them were thrown in the water, but there were no injuries, the crowd escaping with only a dunking.


August 23, 1939

Theoretically speaking, there are no persons on the state of Illinois’ relief rolls, having been stricken by a general order on Aug. 21. In order for those on the rolls – there are 125 in Sycamore Township – to be reinstate, they must make new applications and prove they are worthy of the aid they request.

Sycamore Community Park pool on Tuesday received the highest rating that can be accorded by the state department of health.

Fire in the St. Clair Inn, the former City Hotel and Mansion House, caused damage in the amount of $50 Monday night. ...The St. Clair Inn was built by Capt. Eli Barnes more than a century ago, and was the one big building of Sycamore.

A majority of Americans will eat Thanksgiving dinner on the same day as President Roosevelt, but the feasting will be largely along party lines. A poll showed that 25 governors – 20 Democrats – will follow the president’s example in proclaiming the holiday Nov. 23, a week earlier than the traditional last Thursday of November. Thirteen governers – 10 of them Republicans – said Thanksgiving in their states would remain Nov. 30. Governors of 10 states were undecided.

Attorney General John E. Cassidy has ruled that Illinois women may serve on grand juries as well as petit juries.


August 19, 1964

Men and machines began operations Friday that will lead to the completion of the $100 thousand assembly of new Illinois State Highway buildings on East Page Street on Sycamore’s north side. ...The new buildings will add much to the rapidly expanding business and machine shop sector in that vicinity.

That Parkmoor burglar who made several visits in Sycamore the night of Aug. 7 chose Kirkland for his scene of operations last Thursday. Entering the offices of four businesses during the night, he made a much better haul there than he did in Sycamore.

The NIU student spillover has taken a more serious turn in Sycamore. City leaders have been quietly investigating the situation because of an urgent request from DeKalb. Housing the influx from the nearby university is creating problems with fire protection as well as complying with state regulations that apply to houses where a number of people reside. ...Indications are that NIU will encounter the biggest enrollment in its history this fall, estimated at 12,000 or more.

– Sycamore True Republican


August 23, 1989

In the wake of German measles outbreaks in DuPage and Cook counties, DeKalb County health providers have issued immunization guidelines which include a difference of opinion on whether booster shots should be given to older children and young adults.

The DeKalb Sanitary District Board has filed in court to acquire property to expand its wastewater treatment facility, and residents in DeKalb’s upscale Lawnwood Drive neighborhood are concerned about what effect the plan may have on their homes.

– The MidWeek

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