Sycamore florist granted professional designation

SYCAMORE – Tiffany Burdick of The Petal Boutique in Sycamore has been recognized by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) with its coveted certified floral designer (CFD) designation. Burdick was granted this designation after completing the professional floral design evaluation that took place on July 2, before AIFD's national symposium in Chicago, the floral industry's leading floral design education event.

CFD recognition is granted to designers who have demonstrated their understanding of the concepts of design through education and by subjecting their design work to a rigorous peer evaluation by an international panel of experts.

Members of AIFD lead the floral industry in advancing the art of professional floral design through education. Burdick's designs and evaluation marks were considered so artistic, she was invited to become an accredited member of AIFD.

"The CFD and AIFD professional designations salute a floral designer for his or her artistry and provides consumers with a tool to use for selecting quality professional work," said Jackie Lacey, chairman of AIFD's membership committee.

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