Physical therapist attends course on core strength

Liza Piper
Liza Piper

Liza Piper, physical therapist at Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists’ Genoa clinic, recently attended a course in Milwaukee on CoreFirst Strategies for Optimum Function. This three-day lab-intensive course focused on facilitating an Automatic Core Engagement, ACE, for efficient postural alignment and movement.

The course stressed the importance of having an automatic and properly timed initiation of core muscles and having the strength and endurance of those muscles. Efficient posture, body mechanics, core initiation, strength, and endurance are key to preventing injury with work or recreational activities.

Piper enjoys treating a varied caseload including orthopedic and other medical conditions with manual treatment and functional exercises, as well as incorporating efficient posture and body mechanics. She is interested in promoting wellness and implementing prevention interventions.

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